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Vertical birth

Vertical birth

vertical birth photo vertical childbirth is one of the variants of the birth of the child, which includes both the innovation, the invention is not so long ago and promptly entered into obstetric practice.But let us turn to the story, which keeps in mind that it is the birth of children standing and sitting are traditional, experience a variety of generations.

Childbirth squatting considered traditional among the peoples of Central Asia, North Africa, South America, Asia, China and Mexico.In Europe, the vertical birth is actively used in Holland and Germany.In the century before the bride's dowry included the Dutch chair specially designed for the birth of children.

Russia is no exception.The birth of the child to Russia suggested walking on overheated bath, as well as stepping over obstacles.And already before the actual birth of the child the woman was hanging, clutching her husband's neck and do what is taught in medical centers in preparation for the vertical childbirth.

Currently, the situa

tion has changed and trendsetters in the normal delivery was France when the men began to take birth.And mothers posture has changed because of the convenience of the physician to take birth in the supine position on the back.Although it it is not a physiological as well as a comfortable woman and child.Give birth lying harder than vertically.At birth lying down, his weight uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels that run along the spine.The blood flow is disturbed and the fetus does not receive enough oxygen.Childbirth slows and it becomes necessary to apply the stimulus, as well as pain medications that can not favorably affect the health of your baby.

Lying push also very uncomfortable as a woman to push through the child's own and gravity do not participate during the horizontal sorts.There is one more thing: the doctor and the midwife at the birth of a horizontal play an active role in labor, but the vertical birth give the woman freedom and it can do a lot yourself.

How is the birth of a child in an upright position?

At the stage of cervical dilatation future mom is given the freedom of action.New mother can do whatever she wants: to sit, walk, stand, hanging on her husband, polusidet on a chair to swim.Due to the choice of a comfortable posture, the woman is not as painful are contractions of the uterus is very gentle disclosure.For pain relief during childbirth resorted vertical rarely.

Currently, doctors agreed that during labor the woman should move, so the activity of women in the normal birth of a child in the first step is welcome.

The second stage begins expulsion of the fetus.This is the attempts that lead to the birth of the child.Woman taking pose kneeling, squatting half-sitting, standing, sitting in a special chair.Woman in labor intuitively understands what position to adopt it.

Experts advise in advance to rehearse every possible posture for vertical childbirth, and what a woman has to be acceptable, it will solve itself.Optimal posture is one in which the child moves to the exit gradually, gently, gently.

And every woman chooses for itself a comfortable position: the one you need to squat, the other kneeling, lying third.

vertical births are not a panacea, and advocate of women's empowerment and child.And if a doctor notices that the vertical position is not effective, it always translates into the traditional pose of the woman in childbirth.

Still considered more physiological position when the new mother is on her knees facing the back of the bed, with slightly leaning forward.Next

successful posture - location in a sitting position facing the doctor, half-sitting, and squatting.This position by gravity helps the baby come out without obstruction.In this position, the woman feels freer movement and pelvis relax her missing child.Then the baby's head gently enters the birth canal, and this is the main advantage of vertical childbirth.

On the third stage of labor and the output of the placenta takes place in a vertical position.Woman sitting at the time, putting the baby to the breast, and thanks to the vertical position of women in labor, as well as a reflex contraction of the uterus, then exit faster.

Vertical birth (for and against)

should elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of this method of delivery.

Arguments advantages of vertical births are quite convincing: reducing the pressure of the uterus on major blood vessels, which contributes to a significant reduction in the time contractions.What is important and the time that a woman chooses a comfortable position and affects the process of labor.Having a choice, a woman set free, is less worried.Statistics show that the first vertical delivery period is reduced to three hours, compared to delivery in a horizontal position.In evaluating pain on a 10-point scale, before giving birth women say that the pain during childbirth vertical less noticeable than conventional delivery.Vertical childbirth significantly reduce the risk of birth trauma of mother and baby, and decreases the chance of infection of the uterus, reduces blood loss;the child has never pulled with forceps, as it moves easily through the birth canal.

But now the maternity hospitals where professional vertical take birth very little.Therefore it is necessary in advance to look for a hospital or to discuss the possibility of giving birth to a doctor.

What happens when horizontal childbirth?

Squeezing vessels, the aorta, which departs from the heart and carries blood to the tissues of oxygen-rich.Compression of the aorta is fraught with insufficient amount of blood flow, and therefore oxygen.For the fetus is threatened by hypoxia.

In conclusion, we note that the total number of complications in children with vertical childbirth is 3.5%, and under normal childbirth 35%.And the final choice is yours.Health to you and your baby!

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