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Disease Hoff

disease Hoff

disease Hoff photos disease Hoff (lipoartrit) - degeneration of the knee joint surrounding adipose tissue, which manifests itself limited joint mobility, crunch, swelling, discomfort, pain and lameness.In the absence of timely treatment of the disease competent Hoff, "fat pad" ceases to perform its buffering function and the disease gradually flows into the chronic stage.Lipoartrit also can be transformed into arthrosis knee, causing over the years constant joint pain

Hoff's Disease - Causes

most common disease Goff observed damage to the fat body in the wing-shaped folds.Fat body usually damaged when a knee injury when there is a jamming and damage to the fat lobules, hemorrhage followed by a swelling of the tissues.In place of the damage observed proliferation of fibrous tissue, which in spite of the replacement of lost functions of adipose tissue is not available.In some cases, the disease Hoff developed under the influence of hormonal factors (menopause in women), or on the background of o

steoarthritis of the knee.

Very often causes of this disease are very slight injury of the knee, long pressure on the front surface of the knee joint, the knee joint inflammation.Hoff's disease usually occurs in women after forty-five years, due to the violation of hormonal levels (pre- and post-menopausal)

Hoff disease - symptoms

In this disease there is a fairly typical clinical picture: swelling of the joints in nizhneperednem department incompleteextension of the joint without the expressed interest of the ligamentous apparatus and menisci, malnutrition, on either side of the patellar tendon psevdoflyukturiruschie krepitiruyuschie education, functional instability of the knee joint, reducing the function of internal head quadriceps.

on the prevalence and severity of the disease Hoff points out the fact that, among all of recorded cases of severe disruption to the lower limbs as a result of any orthopedic pathology, the severity of functional disorders caused by the disease Hoff is about 12%.

first symptoms Hoff, indicating damage to the fat body, is the weakness of the quadriceps muscle, swelling, and pain on palpation of the knee.In the case of the chronic form of the disease, the symptoms are not always sufficiently well-definable, so often carried out such additional tests like MRI and CT.Common symptoms of the disease of the knee include: true and false joint blockade, restriction of mobility, swelling, discomfort, and pain in the joint.Hyperplasia of body fat often leads to fibrosis of the synovial membrane.

When conducting X-ray examination showing signs of stage I-II osteoarthritis of the knee, which apparently is the reason the base of a misdiagnosis.Artropnevmogrammy clearly indicate the presence of characteristic changes: regidnost top inversion and a reduction in the knee joint, the increased volume of the rear turn-up with the development of the popliteal area of ​​herniation (Bekker's cyst) in the lower part of the patella observed hypertrophy of adipose tissue and its introduction between the tibia and femur.On X-rays are often in the area of ​​wing folds determined calculary bursitis.Against the background of permanent injury to the bursa becomes chronic disease Hoff for

Hoff disease - treatment

In the case of timely diagnosis to recovery is enough of the anti-inflammatory therapy, followed by rehabilitation.Hoff's disease treatment in the early stages is performed using a long-acting hormonal agents, which can significantly reduce inflammation.Good effect laser therapy, massage and physiotherapy.In case of failure of this combined treatment and further progression of the disease, is shown holding a surgery - resection of the fat body Hoff.In order to damage the damaged tissue and fibrous carried arthroscopy.Long-lasting positive effect in the treatment of disease Hoff gives laser treatment, to reduce inflammation being treated with corticosteroids.

Therapy disease Hoff held in stages and includes recovery support function of the legs, the elimination of inflammation of the knee joint, the recovery efficiency of the leg muscles and restore motor function of the legs.To strengthen the flexor tibia, patients received physiotherapy and therapeutic walking.

In case of recurrence the therapeutic treatment must be repeated.Additionally, usually prescribed a course of electrical stimulation and massage.Especially in the case of massage shows atrophy of the quadriceps.Methods of massage include: vibrating and rubbing stroking base of the palm.The main objectives of massage - pain relief, prevent atrophy of the thigh muscles, improve blood circulation and lymph flow.

Following the surgery, the recovery period for patients receiving recommended radon, sulphide and iodide-bromine baths.In addition, we recommend visiting the resort with sulfide waters - Gagra, Sochi, Pyatigorsk, Matsesta;and spa resorts such as the Maikop, Nalchik, Kudepsta.

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