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Cytomegalovirus cytomegalovirus - an infection of the family gerpevirusov, caused by a bacterium Cytomegalovirus hominis.The disease affects people of both sexes, and affects men in the testicular tissue and the urethra, and in women the cervix and the very womb

Infection by cytomegalovirus

Infection by cytomegalovirus occurs through blood, saliva, mucus of the cervical canal and sperm.Newborns are often infected from infected mothers (one in four pregnant women infected with cytomegalovirus) through breast milk or during passage through the birth canal.There have been documented cases of infection of children in kindergartens from each other (usually through saliva).Adults who become infected with cytomegalovirus by kissing and sexual intercourse.

Due to the very widespread, this infection is capable of transmitting a wide variety of ways, but even so, for transmission requires a long and very close contact with an infected person.The risk of infection with cytomegalovirus are pregnan

t women, people with impaired immune defense and the person suffering from recurrent herpes

Cytomegalovirus symptoms

In most cases, the disease is asymptomatic, without departing from the latent phase of development.

In some cases, people with adequate cytomegalovirus immune system causes mononucleosis , which develops after 20 - 60 days after infection and lasts from two to six weeks.Mononucleosis syndrome manifested by chills, fever, fatigue, headache, and general malaise.This syndrome almost always ends in complete recovery.

In people with weakened immune defenses (immunosuppressive and undergone chemotherapy, HIV - infected) cytomegalovirus can cause serious complications (damage to the brain, eyes, digestive system and lungs), which in some cases can lead to death.

If during pregnancy there was an infection of the fetus may develop congenital cytomegalovirus infection, which often leads to the defeat of the central nervous system (deafness, developmental delay) and severe disease (bleeding in internal organs, enlarged spleen, enlarged liver,jaundice).Child dies in about 25% of cases. Congenital cytomegalovirus infection in most cases observed in children whose mothers during pregnancy are infected with CMV for the first time

Cytomegalovirus treatment

Unfortunately today cytomegalovirus infection is an incurable disease, but there are medicines that allow hinder the development of the virus in the bodyRights as well as to control the amount.

Treatment of cytomegalovirus in people with weakened immune protection is reduced to a long reception of antiviral drugs (cidofovir, foscarnet, ganciclovir).In congenital cytomegalovirus infection or mononucleosis syndrome, efficacy of therapy has not been proven antiviral drugs.When asymptomatic the infection in people with normal immune defenses in the treatment is not necessary.

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