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Ureaplasmosis Ureaplasmosis - prone to chronic disease caused by single-celled microorganism Ureaplasma urealyticum.This relates to a conditionally pathogen - pathogenic microorganisms due to the fact that it is able to induce an inflammatory disease of the urogenital organs only under certain conditions, or in combination with other such conventionally - pathogenic microorganisms.

For reference: Ureaplasmas - are tiny bacteria that live on the mucous membranes of the genitals and urinary tract of man.Not so long ago ureaplasmas treat Mycoplasma, however, due to its ability to break down urea were put in a separate genus

Ureaplasmosis causes of

In most cases, the infection ureaplasmosis occurs during sexual contact with a sick person or a carrier of the pathogen of the disease.There is a high probability ureaplasmosis transmission from mother to fetus during pregnancy (through the amniotic fluid), and the passage of the baby through the birth canal during labor (the germs can get int

o the genital tract of the child and remain there in a dormant state in his life).

also reasons of ureaplasmosis include the following factors :

- Unprotected sex

- Transferred sexually transmitted diseases

- Early onset of sexual activity

- Postponed gynecological diseases

- Frequent change of sexualpartners

- Age group of up to thirty years

addition, the increase in conditional - pathogenic microflora, which includes ureaplasma, can be triggered by the deterioration of the quality of life, constant stress, drugs hormone therapy, taking antibiotics, exposure to radiation and other factors that reducethe immune defenses of the human body

Ureaplasmosis symptoms

ureaplasmosis symptoms are not immediate and may not bother a person quite a long period of time.Consequently, the carrier of the disease may not even know anything about it, continuing thus infect their sexual partners a sufficiently long period.In some cases, the absence of symptoms of the disease leads to the transition in its chronic phase flow, which can lead to quite serious consequences for normal human health.Often recorded cases when children infected ureaplasmosis during childbirth, after a certain period of time there is self-healing (especially boys).

first symptoms ureaplasmosis appear in two - four weeks after infection, and in most cases they are so small that hardly disturbed patients (most commonly seen in women)

Symptoms ureaplasmosis men: scarce cloudy or clear discharge from theurethra, a burning sensation and mild pain during urination, while defeat prostate join symptoms of prostatitis .

ureaplasmosis Symptoms in women: itching and irritation of the vaginal mucosa, transparent scant vaginal discharge accompanied by pain in the abdomen.In some cases, there may be painful urination and cervicitis.

Lack of adequate modern treatment, as well as attempts at self-healing, lead to a change ureaplasmosis chronic, thereby worsening the overall condition of the body, which can lead to the development of endometriosis, colpitis and , cystitis and , vesiculitis, prostatitis, an inflammation of the uterus, pyelonephritis and , the formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes, premature birth, and spontaneous abortion.Over time, chronic ureaplasmosis can cause narrowing of the urethra (urethral stricture).

One of the most serious consequences of this disease is considered asthenospermia (reduced sperm mobility and livelihoods), which is a type of male infertility .In addition to the diseases of the genitourinary system, Ureaplasma has a negative impact on the joints, causing their inflammation

Ureaplasmosis treatment

to select the optimal treatment regimen ureaplasmosis and further exclusion of recurrence of the disease, carried bacterial seeding, allowing to determine the sensitivity of the particular pathogen to the use of a specific antimicrobialdrug.For quality treatment ureaplasmosis used antibiotics - macrolides and fluoroquinolones class of drugs.In addition, the required intake of immunostimulatory drugs to eliminate all conditions that reduce immune defenses;use of local microbicides, as well as carrying out physiotherapy.

At the time of treatment is recommended to refrain from sexual activity in all its forms, be sure to comply with imputed diet and not to deviate from the guidelines and the treating physician.

Treatment of the sexual partner of the patient ureaplasmosis should be mandatory!

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