Allergy to human

Allergy to human

allergic person photo Allergy - a pathological overstated reaction to foreign substances.And sometimes if a person is allergic to?

Allergy person is rejection of the other person as an individual, or its impact on you.The manifestations of allergy the human immune system can be expressed pain in the eyes, swelling, runny nose, hives, sneezing and coughing.

allergy often is caused by human inability to breathe the same air.One gets the impression that this person produces a substance is not compatible with your ego.It happens that the neighbor could be the most powerful allergen, provided if he starts to climb own business, and therefore causes irritation in the membranes of the nose and causes sneezing.

allergy man previously thought outlandish, is now becoming more popular and more aggressive.Earn allergic person, including your neighbor, you can straight from school, as well as in retirement.The disease gave way residents are highly civilized, economically-developed countries.

allergy to the other person is the price paid for our selfishness.Height selfishness includes a mechanism of allergic reactions in the near and the disease is incurable.Sneeze crowd ...

Allergy person -

reason why there is this disease?The answer in genetics.There is a propensity for allergic people.A child with a 100% chance to sneeze at close if the same thing did his parents.Allergies are often caused by low immunity.But it happens that a person does not accept the other and believes that his ailments are caused by exactly this man.

reasons psychological allergy :

- the person who is next to another mentality, temperament;is the opposite of your character, and the human body tend to the denial of the one who is very different from it;

- resemblance to the man in the shortcomings leading to what is the strongest release of hormones that cause allergic reactions;

- a specific smell of man, which is an acute reaction.

medical theory of allergy a person

allergy people - an autoimmune disease, which is expressed in the allergy to the saliva, epithelial (skin), human hair, accompanied by pruritus, rash on the head, face.Symptoms gradually increasing, leading the patient to a strong aggravation (comb).Antiallergic drugs are ineffective in this disease.

psychological theory of human allergy

There is a connection between the development of hatred and selfishness, and free of human qualities there.In our time, this allergy affects all structures of human society: parents sneeze children, teachers students, young people in the old people, old people to young people, the leaders of the people.

allergy to humans was not so obvious 100 years ago.The reason for all that pollution of human environment.Every year, the ego of people increases accelerated pace, thus saturating the society with his poison and creating a new generation of more dirty environment.Sniffing the air of particles of ego people and a mismatch of interests, you experience an allergic reaction.If the interests are the same, the air seems nice and clean.It follows that the cause of sneezing is a sharp divergence of interests and their opposites.People are becoming more aggressive, not wanting to adapt under the habits of other characters, and allergic reactions are amplified: cough, runny nose, itchy skin.The development of self-interest led to dire consequences, but the world is committed to the destruction of mankind by their own hands.Allergy equated with hatred.Selfishness prevents the emergence of human love as the only cure for allergy to humans.

allergy in the sense of the philosophy of this kind of selfishness and cynicism expressed in excessive demands on others.Self indulgence is the same: "I'm a nice, normal, and let other people change."And if you look at the position of the opponent, there clearly view the same.And where is the truth?

Allergy person - Treatment

special analysis for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in the person does not exist.You can certainly spend skin tests and donate blood for IgE and after the survey to make Asit (allergen-specific immunotherapy), which is held by the allergens that caused the maximal response.It appears the only treatment that significantly reduces disease and prevents the development of new allergies.Examination and treatment are strictly prescribed by a doctor, allergist.

for successful treatment is necessary to remove the allergen from the contact.The co-existence and tolerance of the allergen is not allowed.And to be more tolerant to the man-allergen necessary to understand and discriminate against stop.The disease is often caused by a decrease in immunity.But it happens that a person does not accept the other and believes that his ailments are caused by exactly this man.Allergist disease include the exceptions to the rule, so you should seek help from a psychologist, because the causes are not associated with physiology, and lie in the psychological characteristics of the individual patient.

Prevention of allergies on people

Stay away from the person calling you have allergic reactions, limit contact with such people.Walk in the fresh air, to make sea trips, get out in the parks and forest.

Remember that an allergic reaction to a person belongs to a rare occurrence and in most cases is caused by psychological characteristics.

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