Allergic itch

Allergic itch

allergic itching photo Allergic itch - one of the main symptoms develop allergic reactions.Other major allergy symptoms include frequent sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, swelling and redness of the skin.Often severe allergy transformed into atopic dermatitis, which is in the initial stage of development is manifested by redness and itching of the skin.Also, various skin rashes and itching accompanied by allergic eczema, which is perhaps the most unpleasant of all of these diseases, due to the fact that skin inflammation accompanied by severe itching, usually cover almost the entire body.

As mentioned earlier, it is an allergy is the most common cause of allergic itching.Allergic reactions can be a protective response of the body to the use of various chemicals on food intake and medical preparations, insect bites, etc.List all the possible allergens is not possible, because of their nature, there are more than one hundred.However, the most common allergens, allergy and allergic itch, respectively,

include drugs, food, cosmetics, household dust and pollen of wind-pollinated plants.

you remove the allergic skin itch?

primarily prior medical or other antiallergic therapy should identify trigger the development of the allergic response of the organism allergen that in view of their rather large diversity is very difficult.And in the process of diagnosis should take into account the fact that the already irritated skin can become inflamed even more completely under the influence of other substances that fall on the affected area after the cause of the allergy.From the foregoing, it follows that to correctly diagnose allergies and prescribe according to identified allergen adequate treatment of allergic pruritus, able to only an experienced allergist.Therefore, to effectively relieve allergic itch, require assistance of a qualified professional.And until that time as a self-help to relieve itching, can be taken before the familiar anti-allergic agent, and seat themselves itchy cool gadgets on the basis of water and baking soda.

Allergic itching caused by the use of any cosmetic products involves immediate cleansing of all skin from this and other cosmetics, which should be very thoroughly rinse with running water.After that, you can use anti-allergic creams or ointments that effectively relieve allergic itch.

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If allergic itchy skin appeared after the bite of an insect, you can use one of the already proven popular recipes, the easiest and most accessible of which is rubbing the bite of potato or fresh juice of the apple.If you do not have pressed the necessary tools, you can do it even easier - namely, the cut apple or a potato in half and rub the cut affected area.

If allergic skin itching caused by the hair of the indoor pet, it should leave immediately, and if it is a pet, constantly living in the same apartment with the patient - should think about his new place of residence.

Allergic itching is very unpleasant symptom nuisance, not giving quietly to do household chores, eat, sleep, so immediately at the first appearance of the urgent need to get rid of him.You should also know that itchy spot combing can not in any case sincebesides the fact that the itching will grow even more, perhaps entering into the wound formed by carding a secondary infection.

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