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herofobiya photo Herofobiya is irrational, uncontrollable fear or anxiety experience at the upcoming and existing fun or entertainment.Herofobii reasons are complex and not fully understood.It is believed that the fear of fun developing people, relating to introverts.This personality trait manifested in the direction of their inner world, to follow their own interests and desires.

Symptoms herofobii

On holidays people involuntarily experiencing anxiety, insecurity, painful fear that forces him to avoid excessive entertainment and look for safe places for privacy.For herofoba characterized by a certain closeness and isolation from the outside world, individualism, looking to head to work, avoidance of emotional and cheerful people, anxiety, anxiety turning into panic in the entertainment field.

irritant herofobii acts fun.Herofob can not understand why it is so fun to people and why they constantly strive for this.He is always in my thoughts and meditations about the existence of human nature

that endlessly strives to surrender to the fun.Entertainment places herofob tries not to visit or just leaving.Herofobiya defies logic, but most herofobu everything is clear and he does not want to explain anything else.The Company takes such people for discourteous, bizarre, sometimes ignorant, asocial, closed.

Herofoby feel uncomfortable in a noisy, fun atmosphere;do not know how to behave, and if society unfamiliar - it introduces them to a screeching halt because of the need to show interest in the unfamiliar people and show them your location.

especially herofobam not like when they cheer force.Automatically they close and take the defensive, forgetting about propriety.

Herofobiya manifested in the inability to have fun and relax.Herofoby usually resting at home, in the park, on the nature and very wary of noisy public places because they are nervous about it.They do not need the thrill, noise, talking, loud music.From all this, they are closed.

Treatment herofobii

The main objective in the treatment of fear of fun acts ability to not be afraid to face the phobic situation and understand that it is not dangerous.The effectiveness of different forms of therapy, consisting of the immersion in the real situation that causes a phobia, as well as other various methods of behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

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