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aritmofobiya photo Aritmofobiya - a fear of numbers, which manifests itself in fear of such combinations is 666, or 13 Aritmofobiya based on a powerful and necessary for the individual's self-preservation instinct and acts as a protective mechanism.Fear and fear the numbers 13, 666 and encourages people to be afraid to defend them.Aritmofobiya is abnormal, unreasonable fear of the number 13, 666, or other combinations.Why is this happening?There is a subjective opinion of people that certain numbers have an adverse impact on the fate of important events, interpersonal relations.In the event that these moments are backed by coincidence, the fear of the soul densely populated aritmofobov.Next aritmofobiya absorbs positive human emotions and it turns, depending on the numbers, losing the fullness of life.Laughter, smiles, cheerfulness depart, and replaces the emotional dissatisfaction and pessimistic assessment of the future.

Aritmofobiya - Causes

Aritmofobiya manifests itself in an obsessive fea

r of a certain number, and this provokes neurosis phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.The reasons are aritmofobii superstition, religious and historical prejudices.

The flow of emotions fear numbers of different people may differ dramatically.

Fear of numbers is able to manifest itself, in the form of excited and depressed.

will understand religious prejudices associated with the number 13. One version says that the number 13 is "bad" as more sacred number 12. According to Biblical tradition, at the Last Supper Apostle Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus in the future, it is for the thirteenth sittingtable.With this tie will accept that if the dinner table to eat for 13 people, one would die within a year.Later in Christianity spread intimate conviction about the fact that Satan is the 13th Angel.

Another version says that the fear of the number 13 by the fact that the Jewish calendar in some years, including 13 months.

interesting fact that the Tarot card under the number 13 represents death.Jehovah's Witnesses believe the number 7 represents completeness, and completeness, and speaks of the six triple expressed imperfection.

Some buildings, floors, hotel rooms are numbered after the number 12 for the tranquility of the citizens as follows: 12A, 12B, or just 14. Some airlines avoid numbering 13th place and 13 series passenger airplanes, but there are opposite examples.Chess player Garry Kasparov, the number 13 refers to their lucky numbers and German footballer M.Ballak plays under the number 13.Italy and China, the number 13 is traditionally considered lucky.

Morbid fear of three sixes and explain the influence of Christianity, which influenced the formation of culture.Needless number 666 is used for shade Satanism, as in other cultures, the number 666 is perceived quite differently.Islam, in particular, nothing about the number 666 does not mention.Asian countries consider the number 6 happy.This suggests a huge number of marriages concluded in Singapore June 6, 2006.

the same negative and fearful attitude in people 13 to Friday.If you dig deeper into history, we find that this is an irrational fear, but despite this modern society the fear of Friday the 13th turns into tangible economic problem.In those days, people are wary, reduce productive activity in the professional activity, do not go for risky transactions, lay new cases, cancel the negotiations, and as a result - is suffering economies.

Aritmofobiya - symptoms

fear and the fear of the number 13, 666 could literally paralyze man and deprive him of a sober, rational thought.Man overcomes anxiety, restlessness, bad mood.

Aritmofobiya able to manifest itself at the level of mental and physiological level: increased pressure, perspiration, quickens the pulse, respiration, appear dry mouth.

Aritmofobiya - treatment

effective assistance in the treatment of aritmofobii can offer psychologists and psychotherapists.Psychologists recommend aritmofobam develop courage expressed in the ability to step over the frightening circumstances and become a confident, determined, courageous.Fear in this case is not a weakness, but it is a natural reaction of the organism to digital stimuli.If the feeling of everyday life does not leave for fear of numbers and spoil the interaction with others, most likely developed pathological aritmofobiya.In this case, without a skilled and adequate assistance of appropriate specialists can not do, but aggravate the situation in the absence of treatment possible.

aritmofobii Treatment is aimed at raising stability to the numbers and the ability to master your emotions by meditating.Fear of numbers refer to the existential fear and is associated with a lack of knowledge in this area.Experts teach control the human response to the fear of numbers with the help of reason and logic.

Thus aritmofobiey suffer frightened Christians who do not want to learn about the history of the origin of these beliefs and try to get rid of this fear, but only able to strengthen and cultivate your own every day, passing it by inheritance to their descendants.

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