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oniomania photo oniomania (shopogolizm), in Greek, means "crazy buy" - namely, the obsessive and irresistible desire to shop, while not matching the need for the consequences.At a certain time of purchase are as fun and relaxation, when a person is relaxed, giving the process a special meaning.Such obsessive attraction to buying or shopogolizm called shopingolizmom.People exposed to this mania, referred to shopaholics.

oniomania is as serious addiction, alcoholism, and drug addiction.There is evidence that dependence is suffering from shops and 20% of people in developed countries.

first term oniomania sounded in Europe.He offered his German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, who worked on this psychological disease with Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler.

Now the problem oniomania takes attention from the media.This ailment prone countries with high levels of economic development.For example, according to 2008, about 800 thousand Germans are addicted to shopping.The United States did not consider the f

irst oniomania health disorder, but after some time to reconsider the shopogolizm.

oniomania (shopogolizm) - Symptoms and signs

shopogolizm The main feature is a shopping trip without a clear acquisition targets specific purchase.While visiting shopping malls, shopaholics visiting a large number of exhibition goods, addicted to fashion magazines, are tempted to buy something without a pressing need, are in constant discussion of the purchased goods, are experiencing apathy and depression without visiting commercial establishments.

oniomania (shopogolizm) - Causes

Doctors put forward the following reasons for the development of a shopping addiction: psychological problems in childhood, the lack of attention from loved ones, a sense of loneliness and abandonment, the need for recognition and love, depression (depression), namely depressionafter breaking or depression after a divorce, a reduced level of self-regulation, the thirst for constant adrenaline, the illusion of power (since bought with things good, helpful attitude of the seller, flattering praise and branded shopping bags), the desire to substitute happiness, lack of the hormone serotonin, the monotony of life,disappointment in the children in the family, partners, the impact of advertising information, sexual frustration.Shopping gives you the illusion of freedom, as well as a false control over their lives.

oniomania shopaholic helps to cope with depression and anxiety, raises self-esteem and personal confidence.Shopaholic already feels happy on what can not afford to buy yourself what you need and what is momentary wanted.At that time he feels truly free.

Consequences oniomania expressed in the waste of money on unnecessary things and sorrowful regret about this, but after a while shopaholics return to his hobby.

oniomania often destroys families and their financial well-being, because of the debt shopaholic.Sometimes, in order to satisfy their mania they commit antisocial acts.If unable to immediately meet oniomania, shopingoman exposed to abstinence syndrome.The essential problem oniomania acts initiating disease: vascular dystonia, depression, psihosomatichecheskie disease, hypertension, neurosis, kleptomania, sleep disturbances, aggression, autoaggression, depression, stress, decreased immune resistance, loss of self-esteem.

oniomania (shopogolizm) - Treatment

shopogolizm How to get rid of?You must take control over expenditures by a family member shopaholic, if he can not handle it;relatives can not be overlooked for a long time and the patient, without delay, seek the help of a psychologist on the issue.There shopaholics anonymous society, providing mutual support on the issue oniomania.But the most important chocoholic themselves learn to control themselves and their costs.Before you go shopping, you need to think through their purchases and thus avoid spontaneous purchases.In the store you should not go for the first thing that hits the eye, and should be compared to the beginning of several different models.If there is a rush anything else to buy in addition to the bought, hold yourself and do not let the subconscious take up over your desires.Make it a rule that the discount is not a reason to make rash purchases.If the sell-off period things have become very accessible to you, you think before the purchase, so whether they will be needed in the future.There is a probability that you and so they do not use.For the first time, after the announcement of the sale of the new collection, do not rush to buy things.Over time, the price will decrease, and you can buy something at a discounted price.

Avoid credit cards, because this habit ensures you increase debt (cash shopaholic allow you to control waste of money).Coming out of the house, take a small amount of money that will allow you to save your status.Compose a list of your expenses and save receipts.So you will appreciate the real picture of their embezzlement.At that moment, when you can not control themselves and their waste, do not go shopping and think about it before you buy the advisability and necessity for you.

How to effectively treat shopogolizm? to neutralize oniomania used methods: self-isolation of advertising planning financial expenses only essentials when attacks mastery of techniques of neutralization signs oniomania, short-term use of antidepressants (Citalopram).Shoplifting dependence possession shopaholic sharply during the financial crisis, promotes the formation of chronic stress.Particularly susceptible to the feeling of happiness surrogate women who due to lack of positive emotions and go shopping.But how to learn to keep the line between pleasure and addiction?The new thing for a woman is a means of sedation, therefore a waste of money makes it possible to obtain the necessary emotions.Later, she felt a sense of guilt will be angry for unnecessary spending, which again lead to depression.Low self-esteem of women pushing to buy new things that make them successful in their own eyes.Grief, loneliness, boredom, disappointment, all this pushes women on spending.

test shopogolizm

Check yourself if you are having a wild desire to make hasty purchases:

- you have a desire so strong that the loss of control over behavior;

- in the store you lose the ability to choose, and you buy everything until you run out of money;

- notice the meaninglessness of purchases;

- the desire to make a purchase when there is irritation, loneliness and dissatisfaction;

- the need to buy something in favor, as the only way to escape;

- pluck nervously at the store and make a purchase;

- you lose most of the time and money wasted, and life passes;

- passion for shopping negative impact on your family life, and career.

If you find three of the above criteria need advice from the experts on the prevention oniomania.If you have half of these signs, then you do not heal on their own.If you find more than five signs indicative of oniomania formed.

shopogolizm How to get rid of?

Some tips can help deal with the desire to resist the compulsive desire to skimp:

- aware of their problem;

- pick an alternative to pre-shopping trip (gymnastics, shower, massage, sauna, self-massage, music, dance);

- interesting to plan your leisure time: dealing with people, walking, theater, playing with children, exhibitions, reading books.

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