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erytrophobia photo erytrophobia (blushing-syndrome) is expressed in fear of blush, and fear of the red.Science has long been facts confirming the special effects and the influence of red color on the human body.Man's ability to blush has long evoked emotion and smile at others.However, holders of such person, erytrophobia causes confusion and fear in wrong time to blush.As a consequence, there is a development in human psychological complexes and diseases such as neurosis and depression.Erytrophobia with time closed and removed from the people, because the fear of blushing literally keeps the tension a person does not live in peace, hinders positive thinking and joyful existence.

erytrophobia How to get rid of?What is still erytrophobia and why some people blush, while others do not?

erytrophobia is a reaction to stimuli of the autonomic nervous system, in which a person is not able to control the process of the body.

Career growth erytrophobia remains a dream because fear erytrophobia always co

mes at the wrong time, and with it the red, destroying their lives.It is very common, when the face blushes with a new acquaintance, inhospitable phrase companion, hostile look or a stressful situation.Sometimes a sudden reddening of the face and under the circumstances it is quiet.In medicine, there is a name for this syndrome - blushing, but the disease did not rank.Blushing-syndrome serves English-language synonymous erytrophobia.

erytrophobia ( blushing-syndrome) - the reasons

fear blushing can trigger disruptions of the nervous system, hormonal imbalances and stress, neurosis, depression (depression), diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, menopause, diseasesendocrine system, rosacea (vascular defects in the capillaries), thyroid disease, allergies to foods and cosmetics, temperature changes, exposure to UV and sunlight, alcohol, hangover, drinking coffee, energy drinks, too hot, spicy and smoked food, taking medications, strong tea.

erytrophobia often suffer from blue-skinned people, and this is their only feature.

erytrophobia ( blushing-syndrome) - Treatment

To remove this problem, there is a surgical method, psychotherapeutic treatment or treatment at home.

Medicine erytrophobia refers to psychosocial problems, which effectively eliminates the therapist or psychologist and neurologist-vegetology.Psychotherapeutic treatment is reinforced by the appointment of a complex of vitamins C, K, P.

Vitamin C is giving vasoconstrictor and anti-edema action, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Vitamin P reduces the fragility of capillaries and strengthens blood vessels.

Vitamin K helps to reduce the permeability of the vessel walls.

erytrophobia - home treatment

erytrophobia advisable to start treatment with medicinal herbs (hawthorn, horse chestnut extract, rose hips, arnica).It is important to exclude massage, steam baths, hot compresses, abuse of illicit gastronomic delights.

method of self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation technique will help add confidence, self-esteem and reduce unwanted heartbeat.The techniques are effective in sharing and individually in the treatment erytrophobia.

Operation - erytrophobia

operation to remove erytrophobia called sympathectomy.Its duration to 30 minutes.Make it to the people after the 18th birthday and have tried different methods.

sympathectomy, for fear of suffering blush, is the most effective treatment.Reviews

those who made sympathectomy only positive and only has minor complaints about the side effects: dry hands and skin, but in other places there is increased sweating.In particular, the chest, hips, back, abdomen.The percentage of up to 5% of people operated sweating can deliver much greater inconvenience than a blushing-syndrome.

To date the system has been used for a wildcard anesthesia, allowing the body to not load general anesthesia.The operation takes place implantation of titanium clips in the chest.Its purpose pinched nerve fibers that are responsible for the circulation of the blood on his face.

sympathectomy operation is quite simple and requires only a man from the daily stay in the clinic.Before deciding to eliminate blushing-syndrome surgically think: Is frequent redness, prevents to live a normal life?If yes, ask for help.The indication for surgery is redness of the face at least 5 times within an hour.

erytrophobia special feature is the combination of such a phobia, like social phobia.A person affected by the two phobias, refuses new meetings and social activities, crowded places.Over time shopping trip turns into an ordeal: the fear of blushing when paying, exam, etc. Turn around loss of speech, and a trip on the subway is a wild panic fear of rapprochement with the people.

There are cases of extreme manifestations of social phobia in which people are always looking for a new job, and all the free time staying at home, becoming a hermit.Fear become flushed cause painful psychological consequences are reflected in the behavior of the suffering in the form of complexes.In such cases, anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines are not recommended because of addiction, but alcohol can be dispensed, but it's only for a while will give confidence to patients.

erytrophobia and menopause

tide Feeling the heat, redness of the face and neck, excessive sweating - all symptoms of a beginning of menopause.It is important to know that the tide has to start functioning in the ovaries, but patients are often treated with this problem, taking her blushing-syndrome.Patients in need of treatment a gynecologist and in these cases, the operation will be denied.

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