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graphomania photo graphomania - mental illness, which is expressed in a person's passion for writing, in the absence of literary abilities.Passion graphomaniac empty, wordy, but claims to publishing literary nonfiction magazines.All who wrote excitedly - scribblers.It is believed that graphomaniac a bad speller.

graphomania - signs

graphomaniac basic signs - a learning disability, the inability to go to progress, as well as the inability to work on yourself.The following symptoms are considered a violation of connectedness graphomania text annoying repetition of images, passion banal way, plagiarism, violation of the rules of syntax, stylistic errors and lexical deficiencies.Works graphomaniacs template and boring.Addiction manifests itself in useless verbose writing and presenting it on paper.Graphomaniac obsessed with his idea of ​​writing, and offers opportunities for all to read his writings.Trends graphomania often characterized sutyazhnym psychopaths, schizophrenics with a high opinion o

f himself, which does not allow to recognize that their works are useless.Signs graphomania measurements can not be, nor can be units of talent.A classic sign of graphomania is that a person is seriously given to writing.Self-irony is absent, and the humor in his work address perceived painful.Creation graphomaniac are always with him, and at any time it can offer to evaluate them, but they are nothing but laughter is not scaring people.Painful Passion of writing texts often represent the cultural values ​​and do not cause interest among readers and critics.Graphomania capable of receiving, both mild and severe, but despite this, it lends itself well to medical treatment.

variation graphomania acts erotographomania.In this case, the love letters are necessary for sexual arousal, followed by satisfaction.

graphomania - Causes

Reasons graphomania acts uncertainty, estrangement, isolation, alienation, desire for sophistication.For example, antisocial lonely man with low self-esteem, has no interlocutors except a sheet of paper, completely given to writing.Graphomania enables a person to pour out his soul on paper, and his creations are often painful, and lonely world.An interesting fact is that the more graphomaniac writes, the less it needs and no longer aspire to a real, live communication.But because man is a social chat and laid on a subconscious level, the hand goes to the paper or the computer keyboard.Thus, graphomaniac implements craving for communication.The works of a man puzzling, but the man himself pity.Only graphomaniac ingenious creations appear, what he truly believes.By reason of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, a person can not objectively evaluate his condition, and very sensitive about criticism of the work.Most progressive talented authors, the auditor's opinion into account, which is an incentive for further professional development.Graphomaniac this deprived and can not develop professionally and improve.As a result, their works have a literary and spiritual value.All of them are monotonous and unoriginal.After a time, all the contacts in reality confined to showcase creations to the outside world reacts to avoiding such a person.If we consider mild graphomania, it occurs when a loved one is away and writing necessary to distract.After the return of a loved one all falls into place, and the symptoms go away graphomania.

graphomania - treatment

scribblers can help if captivate his new hobby, but if there is a severe form of the disease, it requires a specialist.Internet is gradually filled and developed graphomaniacs that create virtual samizdat.In this case the forecast rather discouraging, as the patient sucks for writing.Therefore, it can effectively help close that tactfully, unobtrusively will communicate with graphomaniac, making it clear that he is interesting as a person.Effective behavioral therapy and is aimed at eliminating shyness and increase self-esteem, develop confidence, courage patient.So, gradually, suggesting graphomania that there are sincere people to whom it is interesting, for it means that he will be able to move away from unnecessary writing.

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