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Chronic depression

Chronic depression

chronic depression Chronic depression (dysthymia) - a slight lingering mental disorder in which depressive symptoms appear within a few years.People with this disorder constantly feel unhappy, sad deeply embedded in their hearts. Home subdepression can be laid even in adolescence and throughout life may be present all the signs of dysthymia, without proper treatment was timely.The disease is very common among women

Causes of chronic depression

The reasons are the chemical changes in the brain at a time when serotonin levels drop.And if it is small, it is unable to cope with emotions, stress, chronic diseases.All this increases the odds are constantly in a state of chronic depression (dysthymia).After three years of flow, this condition tends to go into another major depression

Options for possible flow dysthymia:

dysthymia to major depressive episode

dysthymia with recurrent major depressive episodes

Dysthymia in the absence of a major depressive episode

There combinationdyst

hymia with these disorders, like panic attacks, somatic diseases or secondary dysthymia, generalized anxiety, conversion disorder, social phobia

Chronic depression symptoms

presence of constant sadness and such feelings as emptiness, hopelessness, uselessness, helplessness, guilt;loss of interest, to enjoy themselves, loss of energy and fatigue, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, a pronounced slowness in mental and physical processes, obsessive thoughts about death

Chronic depression symptoms

disease diagnosed atBased on symptoms such as frequent headaches and pain in the joints, problems with the digestive tract (overeating or not eating, gastritis), sleep disorders, coupled with the loss of interest in social and professional life and activity.If depressed mood does not leave you for two weeks, you should seek professional help

Chronic depression treatment

How to get out of depression if any problem has arisen?Raise serotonin - the hormone of happiness, and seemed to be concern about depression should go away, but it's not so simple.Begin to eat foods that contain sugar, you raise the level of serotonin in the brain, leading to dependence on sweet food.The body will always require sweets and a quick way to dangerous addiction.The second way serotonin by the amino acid tryptophan.For a normal state of health quite a day two grams of tryptophan.Most of it is contained in a solid cheese (100 gr cheese - 790 mg of tryptophan), then goes soybeans (100 grams - 714mg) and processed cheese (100 g - 500 mg of tryptophan).The following are products which are inferior in the number of tryptophan per 100 g product.This chicken eggs, lentils, lean meat, mushrooms, beans, fat cottage cheese, millet, buckwheat, liver, cantaloupe, bananas, dates, pumpkin, orange, brown rice, seaweed, prunes, dried apricots.Be sure to include the winter diet of B vitamins and magnesium.From the above it follows that the mood can be synthesized and thereby to influence the hormone serotonin, eating the right products.

If dysthymia attacked and you do not know how to get rid of the depression, the medication, which will come to your aid, prescribed by a doctor and eliminate the possibility of relapse.Using antidepressants (Tseleksa, Paxil, Asendil, Marplan, Mirtazapine, etc.) for a long time (six months or more) and including in combination therapy (individual, family and group therapy) may complete cure of the disease.

Prevention of chronic disorders include visits to gyms, long walks in the fresh air, the observance of a balanced diet and daily care of yourself.

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