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Neurotic depression

neurotic depression

neurotic depression neurotic depression - mental emotional disorder in which dominate prolonged neurosis.In medical practice, neurotic disorder is understood as a non-psychotic, personality, reactive (situational) and non-endogenous state.Neurotic depression appears in a complex anxiety-depressive, hypochondriac-depressive, astenodepressivnyh and phobic - depressive syndromes. disorder neurotic character can be tightened and does not disappear for a while after coming out of a problematic situation

reasons for neurotic depression

The reasons may make trouble at work, permanent residence in stressful situations, family problems, adapting to new conditions and relocationa new job, and much more.This disorder is characterized by shy, insecure people

Signs neurotic depression

Save the main personality traits of its quality at the first signs of symptoms of neurotic disorders, as well as the peculiar characteristic of a clear course of the disease and its distinct appearance;while there

is awareness of the fact of his neurotic patient status;stated ambivalence to suicidal actions, the presence of phobias, obsessive involuntary thoughts, ideas and concepts;hysterical attacks are rare;characterized by the presence of anosognosia, lust, death, guilt, and self-abasement of ideas, there is a weak degree of anguish and a considerable degree of apathy to everything going on.A rush of negative mood and well-being of patients in the second half of the day

neurotic depression symptoms

manifested neurotic depressive disorder psychogenic.Lethargy, headaches, fatigue and weakness - the main first manifestations of a neurotic disease.Co-factor is in a bad mood, which is close to the concept of angst.A bad mood is combined with emotional lability, restlessness, insomnia, lack of appetite.Symptoms can not be held steadfast character and the disease can be cured.Negative attitude is unstable and aimed only at a conflict situation.The patient connects its status with its exciting moments, struggling in the best of their ability with the disease, trying to change psychotraumatic environment, while maintaining self-control.When switching from personal problems to another subject the patient is a change of facial expression and mood changes.When neurotic depression in combination with hysterical neurosis protruding elements demonstrative attacks, as well as other games vivid expression inherent hysterical personality

neurotic depression treatment

difficulties doctors appear in the diagnosis, as neurotic depression similar to the symptomsand featured a masked depression differs radically in that masked a breakdown in the first place are the physical symptoms.How to win in the treatment of depression?Just observing all the doctor's instructions.Successfully used in the treatment of antidepressants, hypnosis, homeopathic remedies.Used to treat the following antidepressants: fluoxetine (Prozac, fluxons, Prodep), mianserin, and others.A remarkable effect was noted when used in the treatment methods of hypnotic.Patients with depression after a few sessions, can independently control their fears and obsessions.

use of complex homeopathic remedies affect the entire body and comes ill welcome relief from depression.Their use in the treatment beneficial effect on the body, and most importantly, no side effects.Each person can own to treat depression, and it must be especially individually with a physician.A homeopathy uses only an individual approach.Homeopathic medicines provide quick and effective assistance to the effect of depression.Homeopaths act on the mental sphere of the sick, diseased organs choosing - target.The level of depression and lowered vitality self-healing the sick.For example, depression after separation or loss of a loved one can be successfully treated drug Ignatia.A feeling disconsolate, betrayal, heavy vospominaniyaiya cured Natrum Muriaticum.Melancholy, anxiety, sadness, despair, fear of the future, suicidal thoughts cured Aurum Metallicum.

And most importantly, remember that neurotic depression - a disease of our modern society and in the timely response and treatment, it has successfully transformed into an unpleasant memory.

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