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endogenous depression

endogenous depression photo Endogennnaya (circular) Depression - a mental disorder, which is peculiar to the daily, seasonal, and other mood swings for no apparent reason.A distinctive feature of cases is low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts, especially in the morning.Endogenous condition in sick is characterized by the inability to fall asleep early and waking;cool, dark, gloomy attitude to the world and to everything going on around

reasons endogenous depression

Endogenous disorder can occur without adequate external cause, for a total well-being in humans and perceived as something strange, and after undergoingtrauma.Often, the disease occurs in people who are unhappy with way of life and little income, their loneliness.Women suffering from endogenous depression more often than men.Geneticists believe that endogenous disorder is a genetic disease and get yourself out of depression is difficult

signs of endogenous depression

External signs are so characteristic that recognize human d

epression is not so difficult.The man depressed depressed, anxious;It has a face with grief and sadness, depressed mood to a deep melancholy;slow movement;pose a sick - hunched man unhealthy person is white, sometimes with a touch of earthy, sick and hair without shine, his voice hesitant and quiet, understated the pace of thinking and slow, there is a lack of concentration, interests, and desires;They found the idea of ​​guilt and meaningless existence;deep, hopeless depression with a sense of the soul stone, apathy to everything going on.Patients themselves describe their feelings and experiences as "the severity of the soul," "darkness," "hard to live," "a sense of grief, but in principle, because everything is good," "loss of meaning of life and the joy of what is happening," "feeling likeafter a severe influenza, "" nothing in life you do not want. "Ill say that the state of depression differ materially from those experiences that they experienced at the loss of loved ones.The presence of anxiety and depersonalization (feeling of what is happening as though the other person, but not with him) contributes to the painful sensation of endogenous disorder.For example, a man in a long depression, the news of the death of his wife, only to realize what is happening at the end of the depressive phase.The patient was completely immersed in their experiences so that no unexpected grief touched him

endogenous depression symptoms

condition of depression affects the whole organism.Appetite is lowered down to the lack of urge for food intake;anxiety leads to sleep disturbances;There are locks and a distinctive breath, heart palpitations, abstaining from sex.Feelings and emotions exactly describe patients' difficult to force myself to make an action "," weakness of soul and the lack of desire to live, "" forces there, and motive to action is not "," spilled that inaction and did not want to do "," lack ofgoals and plans, "" there is nothing to rejoice and have no desires, "" do not want to live "," I want to die because I do not want to live, "" live hard, "" do not want "," change my attitude "

Endogenous (circular) depression treatment

How to get out of depression, if you are already mired in its network?By the treatment of endogenous (circular) disorders should be approached seriously.In this case, the chocolate will not cure depression and bananas will not help, and one would be a little psychological help.Well proven homeopathic medicines ("refresh");relief comes, but with the disorder are not running.Withdraw symptoms such as nervous irritability, anxiety, insomnia, irritability.How else to cure depression?Use with antidepressants (imipramine, amitriptyline or clomipramine) and forget about all your problems, you discover a new world.Fear of antidepressants is not justified, there is no getting used to them.But you can not always rely on some antidepressants.Need a doctor who will adjust positively to the recovery of the patient and help to get out of depression.Mental disorders are subject to, both adults and children.Treatment is directed at the destruction of human aggression inside.

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