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Depression Photo man - a biological, social, and being totally dependent on society.Man is constantly in interaction with people - the life, work, family and leisure.If broken the chain and the person ceases to feel part of society, the collapse of his plans, hopes, tragedy happens in life, it breaks down and is not always psychologically able to cope with life situations and as a consequence of ill ...

Unfortunately, many suffering from mental disorders are notThey realize that suffering from depression, not because of their knowledge of the area.Therefore, to help doctors do not resort, and only sometimes wonder, how do you get rid of the obsessive thoughts and states?If you're here, it means that you are interested in their mental health or peace of mind of your loved ones.But how to get out of depression competently and professionally, but if you want your own, you know, having read to the end of this article.

Depression - a disease of our time, characterized by mental disorder, and clinical


Depression ... What to do?No questions concerned relatives sick from this disease

Treating depression

for effective treatment of depression is important to include therapy, biological therapy, as well as a system of social activities that affect the improvement of the status of the sick.

Spontaneous improvement and recovery of the patient from depression in the long course of the disease is observed in rare cases and is not more than 10% of all depressions.A return to the old depressive state occurs for several years.

Efficiency same treat depression affects the clinic and timely conduct therapies.The biological treatment of depressive disorders include pharmacological therapy, and the effect will be positive if included electroconvulsive therapy, sleep deprivation - deprivation, phototherapy - treatment with light, dietary therapy, efferent sorption techniques and therapies with medicinal herbs.Antidepressants include a medication to treat depression, and along with them using vitamins, tranquilizers, lithium salts, hormones, neuroleptics, anti-oxidants, medicines to improve the metabolism of the cells of the brain

How to get out of depression alone

use by deprivation (sleep deprivation).This method lies in increasing the duration of waking up to 38 hours.During this time period includes day, night, day.And the next night's sleep is recommended usual time, he went up to 12 hours.Suffer from depression can get better after the first deprivation.This relief will be short-state, so the result fasten six sessions.

Features deprivation therapy: mandatory exemptions even a short sleep, observance of alternating active and passive activities (books and television are excluded).At night, to 2, and in the morning until 6 in the morning, plan the most active so you do not accidentally fall asleep.At night we eat, but it uses a light meal from the coffee and tea refrain.The next day, his heavy bouts of sleepiness, and mild retardation.To cope with this help walks and strenuous exercise.Before a session deprivation exclude drugs with sedative components.The frequency of deprivation up to two times a week and go out at a time when improving.Condition improved, but gradually, so sick for a long time do not feel positive changes, but on the contrary, experience worsening depression.Contraindicated deprivation with high blood pressure, the presence of chronic diseases.Carrying out the method accord with the doctor, and after we perform.

signs of depression treatment is carried out with the help of psychotherapy.Many suffer from depression tend to receive this form of medical and psychological assistance.The patient often does not dare to start taking drugs and then stop yourself antidepressant treatment than treatment harms.

Because of their helplessness and doubt ill very suggestible people and studying the annotation to medication quickly and easily find at the side effects from the first medication.Often patients are endowed with a false alarm about the dependence on antidepressants.Most of the cases related to placebo - reactors.This category easily reacts to the reception of empty tablets e.g. vitamins.

Effective much more is psychotherapy than pharmacotherapy, because learning sick, how to get out of depression, as well as the ability to recognize its onset and preventing its re-development.

must pay tribute to psychotherapy, which allows ill adapted to the realities of our lives is not always joyful.Endowed with a therapeutic effect, psychotherapy can enhance the cooperation of the patient and the doctor, at the same time increase the efficiency of medical treatment, to improve family relationships, as well as the professional status of the patient.

depression after acute trauma and prolonged stress leads a person to search for the causes of its occurrence.This increases the tendency of cases to seek psychological help for depression.But excessive overvaluation of its capabilities, may encourage the patient's decision to refuse psychotropic drugs, as well as lead to the early exacerbations, the development of resistance and protracted nature of the current depression.How competently treat depression?symptoms of depression photo

Depression - Symptoms

Doctors psychotherapists believe that the treatment of depression, it is important to eliminate the symptoms caused by this condition.Some of them are more sensual to psychotherapy, while others are more difficult to influence it.It is believed that with very severe depression more limited influence of psychotherapy that is not a lighter version of the disease.The targets of psychotherapeutic influence in the treatment of such disorders is isolated as mood swings, behavior, thinking, motivational, and physiological symptoms.Affective symptoms, leading to mood disorders are the sadness, shame, guilt, anxiety, are most susceptible to psychotherapeutic influence.

Symptoms of depression Physiological: the lack of vitality, fatigue, decreased concentration, inability to concentrate, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, lack of appetite and weight loss, disturbance of libido (sexual desire), causing confusion,as well as restlessness, depression in the morning, and the improvement of the evening.

the presence of physiological symptoms up to two weeks and take the time necessary to seek the help of a therapist

How to beat depression

Depression, according to studies, is similar to cardiovascular disease is the most common disorder that affects millions of people.Statistics presents evidence that this disease affects 20% of the population of developed countries.

Depression - a serious psychiatric disorder that affects the ability to work, bringing suffering from depression as the most ill and entourage.It is sad to realize, but few people are knowledgeable in this area of ​​the manifestations, and consequences of depression may not be timely help, and suddenly remember, when the disease takes a protracted and severe.Virtually all developed countries are concerned about this problem and promote information and methods of treating depression

signs of depression

manifestations of depression are different, so they vary depending on the disease.The most common symptoms of this disorder are emotional expressions: sadness, depression, depressed mood, pain, despair, a sense of inner tension, anxiety, anticipation and expectation of trouble, irritability, dissatisfaction, guilt, decreased self-confidence, frequent self-blame, low self-esteem andthe ability to take pleasure in enjoyable activities, lack of interest in others and the ability to experience feelings.

Physiological manifestations : functional bowel disorders ( constipation );sleep disorders (insomnia, sleepiness);swings in appetite (not eating or overeating);reduction of sexual needs;fatigue and decreased energy;weakness and pain in the body of diverse plan.

Behavioral manifestations : passive and difficulty in purposeful activity;avoiding contact with other people;avoidance of entertainment;alcohol and substance psihovozbuzhdayuschimi.

Thinking manifestations : difficulty concentrating, and difficulty in concentration, difficulty in making decisions;the prevalence of dark and very negative thoughts;gloomy, gray and pessimistic vision of the future life with the lack of prospects, the presence of thinking about personal uselessness, insignificance and helplessness;thoughts about the meaninglessness of existence, as well as suicide;slowness of thought.

for the diagnosis "depression" implies that a portion of these signs present within two weeks

How to treat depression

Depression is often thought to patients and others, as a phenomenon of laziness, bad character, selfishness, ornatural pessimism.Depression includes not only a bad mood, and the symptoms that require intervention therapists.If the presence of fast diagnosis begins proper treatment of depression, there is a greater likelihood of a rapid recovery.Only the timely treatment depends on whether the disease will come back again and take more severe form, accompanied by suicidal thoughts.In most cases, suffering from depression, are afraid to go to the experts for their mental health problems because of the negative consequences: social constraints, consisting in the registration, the ban on driving vehicles and travel abroad;fear of condemnation, fear of publicity and the negative impact of drug treatment of depression.Often people do not possess the necessary knowledge and can not understand the nature of his condition.Depression gets along well with life's difficulties and ill start to think that everything will be on their own.But this does not happen and it is important to seek help from a therapist.80% of patients with depression at the first sign turn to general physicians, and accurate diagnosis is not more than 5%.A correct and adequate therapy comes before the smaller number of patients.It is not sad, but on the member admission in the clinic depression confused with physical illness, which leads to the establishment of an incorrect diagnosis.

Depression tends to occur against a background of stress and somatic diseases accompanied such as cardio - vascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal.Depression in such cases is complicated, but timely detection can be successfully treated.

depression tend to occur in a single case, as well as recurring acute.In individual cases depression takes chronic and lasts for years.

Studies have found a number of psychological factors contributing to depression: negative thinking, communication style to increased criticism with conflict, stress (divorce, separation, death of loved ones, family alcoholism), social isolation, with absence of trust and emotional support.

growth depression depends on the pace of life and stress, high competitive society, social and economic instability, uncertainty about the future.Currently, it cultivated a range of values, which in turn encourages the person to dissatisfaction.It provokes people hide their problems and failures, doomed to loneliness and deprived of emotional support

How to cope with depression

treat depression, as noted earlier, includes a set of techniques - biological therapy (medication and medical treatment)as well as psychotherapy

Medication Depression Medication

appointed suffering from depression in mild, moderate and severe manifestation.Necessary and important for the effective treatment of depression appears to work closely with your doctor.This refers to the strictest observance of prescription regimen, as well as regular visits to the doctor with a detailed status report.

antidepressants in treating depression act as the main drugs.These include tricyclic aptidepressanty (Melipraminum, amitriptyline, fluoxetine, sertraline, paroxetine, Tianeptine, milnacipran, moclobemide, etc.).Antidepressants when used correctly are the safest class of psychotropic substances.The dose is adjusted individually.Remember that the effects of antidepressants manifest slowly, so the wait for his positive manifestation.

Antidepressants do not cause such dependence and addiction to drugs like benzodiazepine tranquilizers (Relanium Phenazepam, tazepam, elenium et al.), As well as widely used and Corvalol Valocordin.The first therapeutic effects of antidepressants occurs after 4 weeks psychological counseling

psychotherapy in treating depression

Psychotherapy serves as an important complement to medical treatment, and she play an active role in the treatment of depression.Psychotherapy teaches patients to develop emotional self-regulation, and in the future on their own out of the crisis, not surrendering to the power of depression.

The most effective treatment of depression are three approaches: cognitive therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.The goal of therapy to realize the conflict constructively and help solve it.Behavioral therapy resolves current problems and eliminates the behavioral symptoms (isolation from the others, monotonous life, renunciation of pleasure, passivity, etc.).

Cognitive therapy is the most efficient solution set of problems, causing depression, as well as a way to improve the quality of their lives.The patient considers what is happening in a negative light, and cognitive therapy changes the way of thinking to a more realistic and optimistic.

additional forms of psychotherapy in the treatment of depression are the family counseling and group therapy, working with depressed patients.Psychological moments that stop the patient to seek help are: fear to share with a stranger about personal, intimate experiences;mistrustful attitude to "talk" about the treatment of depression;misconception that the internal psychological difficulties need to cope on their own, and resorting to the help of another person to show signs of weakness.

psychotherapy in treating depression acts recognized and most effective method, and the rate of cognitive therapy significantly reduces the risk of recurrence of the disease.At present, methods of psychotherapy aimed at short-term (up to 30 sessions) effective assistance.Information received in the session, it remains a secret between you.

Veliko importance of helping loved ones in getting rid of depression, passivity, even when you suffer from the disease.Recommendations relatives: the problem of separating the sick, sympathized with him, do not dive into the disease with him;Keep the distance and emotional stability;stop criticism towards the patient;accent on the patient that his condition - it's trouble, and he needs help and treatment;are bringing positive emotions in the life of the sick;Involve the patient into useful activity, and not to dismiss it from the affairs

Treatment thought

positive thinking is very important in the treatment of depression.So think positive thoughts naturally and immediately replace the negative, obsessive thoughts to the contrary.Obsessive thoughts, like parasites crawling in mind, plunging into depression.Teach me the way of thinking, you can protect yourself from repeated bouts of depression.