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Depression after parting

Depression after breaking

depressed after breaking up a photo Meeting, meeting, love, turning into a strong sense of affection and love, and then a sudden break and the unexpected prolonged depression after breaking up with a loved one, you surely experienced in hisEvery lover of life.

How to forget his beloved and out of love depressed?Ask a question about suffering from this painful feeling of the people.It is important to remember that one of the main human needs to be loved, the soul is constantly asking for love, and when there comes a moment of "disaster" when "you do not like," the mind of taking does not want to, but the situation has not change, and only then beginsuncomfortable existence and depression occurs after a separation.The heart does not want to accept the reality, because the brain is absorbed in a pleasant haze of love.What can you advise crossed lovers?Words alone will not be sufficient consolation: everything will pass - and it will take place, just need to wait.But at that time the depression after part

ing seems unbearable.

How to overcome depression after a breakup?While suffering is not free from the psychological dependence love, do not come to get rid of depression.What happens when parting with her beloved?Energy ties with the separation from loved ones is reinforced (who parted not ready for such an outcome relations) and psychological dependence on the man only grows, increasing love breaking

Depression after parting - treatment

people without experiencing feelings about partingIt does not exist, all subject to internal conflicts.Stress - this is the norm, which became firmly into our lives.The question is already making the very existence of this stress - separation from a loved one.

Depression after breaking up - painful feeling decadent mood, heartbreaking feeling and the inability to change the situation.Perhaps the only one - is to take it and do not try to change.Remember that escape from their experiences and suffering will not succeed.Many hide their suffering in the work in the other person, in religion, in sickness, in alcohol, in fantasy, and should be allowed to otbolet heart, and one day suffer the morning comes and everything goes.But until this morning comes, you'll need to master the release of psychological dependence on a loved one.

How to get out of depression love?It's simple.The movement is walking.Movement (walking) characterizes the development of our lives in the direction of the future.If you have seizures, we stand still and depressed after breaking up - a spasm of thought that holds in place and allows you to think and enjoy life more.What to do?

use in the treatment of depression after breaking up yoga.More Sri BKSIyengar's emphasis on the fact that yoga can help everyone to find harmony and inner peace, but you must overcome your laziness.

use as such rules, maybe they can help you:

- do not turn in on themselves, meet friends;

- Throw your anger, aggression during sports training;

- go to church, walk in nature;

- talk in front of a mirror with you;

- dedicate themselves to the work;

- Take care of repairs in the apartment;

- include in the diet foods rich in serotonin (nuts, fish, seafood, eggs, liver, honey, raisins, chocolate, vegetables, fruits);

- visit exhibitions, museums, theaters, film festivals;

- love yourself, change the image (hair, clothes);

- participate in all kinds of celebrations;

- try not to be alone at first alone with sad thoughts;

- when negative thoughts naveivanii use homeopathic remedies "Calm" and you antidepressants prescribed by a doctor;

- develop confidence in auto-training;

- effective massage, bibliotherapy, art therapy, to divert;

- remove from view items and gifts reminiscent of the former favorite;

- mentally say thank you for everything that happened between you and move on without looking back, and although the thought is cyclical and you will still come back, but remember with gratitude all, do not harden, does not destroy itself internally;

- remember that love means unity in order to give and not to demand anything in return.

Depression after parting why there?Let's look at the mechanism of love.A man in love has created a picture of the world which considers truth.And suddenly this truth ceases to give him the desired man is angry, embittered, begins to act up, wants to return to a favorite toy to continue staying in this kayfovo condition.A man in love selfish to the bone and when leaving the favorite, he spared only himself, his sadness.A grief - it is the energy of anger.Anger will not help you cope with love and brittle if you think that only the anger, hatred can stand up for yourself, you're wrong.Who is your goal - to get rid of the old meaningless relationships.Release the situation, and letting go of a partner, and it is likely that your partner wants to renew relations through time.You need to mentally let go of his favorite saying here that today our paths will go in parallel and overlap are so necessary.

to put into practice these simple tips depressed after breaking up slowly back down and your life will sparkle with new colors

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