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Depression after divorce

depression after the divorce

depression after divorce Photo Depression is the fault divorce brings a lot of unpleasant moments of both spouses: experience discomfort, settling housing issues, nervous division of property, separation from children and other moments.

depression after divorce women first carries acute crisis condition (neurotic depression), then it goes into a state of depression as a chronic, and a woman is very difficult to return to the former composure.

According to statistics, one in eight women trying to commit suicide attempt, and every fourth need psychotherapeutic help, the rest of depression after the divorce is going through themselves.

depression after the divorce for women in need of treatment.The first year after divorce, women hooked on antidepressants, visit a psychologist, addicted to meditation.The first tip to former wives: do not take care of your spouse and decay as something irreversible, but also to run after him is not necessary.Do not say: "Once you get back!" This will increase

the resistance.But hold the door open for him, and should maintain friendly relations.And when it is ripe to return, he does contrary to popular belief, it does not return to the former.In large cities, according to statistics, every fourth man newly married his former and divorced a third would go back.

depression after divorce men develops much later than women and it seems that they are much easier to tolerate the gap for women.After the divorce, men do not have intrusive thoughts and memories, there is no guilt, no fear of the future.This ease of transition are always shocked ex-wives.But let's see what happens to them next.How is their fate?

After enjoying a long-awaited freedom within one and a half years, they begin to master depression, confusion, chronic fatigue, alcohol abuse, loneliness, overeating, decreased interest in work (emotional burnout), decreased sexual activity, sexual disorders.

A cause of depression in men after divorce appears banal disappointment.Men think that once free, they meet unusual, sexy and a younger woman.These dreams are partially implemented, and close acquaintance with women or mistresses does not bring long-awaited joy and celebration of life is impossible, and there is depression in men after divorce.In parallel there is a clear overestimation of the previous failed marriage, and in memory float joyful and bright scenes of life.And at this time most of the divorced people think about returning to the family, but alas, the harsh laws of the male stereotypes strictly forbid them to do so.This period is characterized by the accumulation of mental fatigue from loneliness and independent life.Not everyone can live a long time, and after a few weeks of freedom intoxicated men comes insight, as well as their cover belated depression after the divorce.

Depression and divorce is such a kind of union, no divorce was not without unpleasant moments.And most of the men begins to destroy itself from within by alcohol, overeating, excess entertainment and sex.Women being more organized and better suppress their desires, so a quick exit out of depression after the divorce.

How to quickly get out of depression after the divorce?This question torments all.

way out of depression after the divorce there, but we allow ourselves to suffer, to experience, to become despondent, again staying unpleasant memories, lie, sad, and this delays the swamp and it begins to seem that the forces leave.If this process is exhausted completely divorce and did not know how to get out of the annoying depression after the divorce, the first thing calm down.Divorce - it's just a gap relationships.Understand that people can not live against the will of one another, and the promise of eternal love remained only a promise.Accept this fact and life will go down to normal.Do not be afraid to talk about it with those who are ready to listen to you.Remember, it may take quite a bit of time and the divorce will not cause you many negative emotions, as it is now.About depression and divorce, you will remember easily.Often write that the spouses - is the closest people.Remember that it is close to parents and children, spouses and common goals, interests and drives.When this chain is broken - there is an imbalance in the family.It start something go wrong.And love?What is love?According to Stendhal: a competition for who will take over each other happiness.And that love has passed, come apathy, frustration ... Do not make trouble, thank spouse for the time that you were together and release it.I ended one phase of your life and be sure to start a new one, and what it will be - it depends on you, from your thoughts, desires, dreams and actions.It's amazing how people: he is grieved at the loss of wealth, marital and how much indifferent to the fact that it takes forever on time and it is time that you can live happily without depression, and bitter memories of the marriage.Think of divorce as a liberation from the scandals, liabilities, betrayals, deceptions.Complete list of yourself.

How to live after the divorce?Do not live the past, do not expect anything from the past, not engaged in self-flagellation and then history itself will come to visit you, but over time, and is building a new life brick by brick, day by day.Meet new people who do not turn in on themselves, smile, change the image, refresh wardrobe, take a trip, go in for sports, enrich their lives by those pleasant moments that are married are not available realized his dream - for example, a new car, do not forgeta balanced diet fortified, forget about alcohol (hangover does not add joy, and health too).And you have a new life begins!In a new free life it is necessary to walk a healthy, loving and most importantly the person.And only then you will love again and life will score a new key!

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