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anorexia photo Anorexia - the word that came to our active vocabulary of ancient Greek and literally means - lack of urge for food.In medicine, applying the term anorexia implies a syndrome characterized in conscious rejection of food, lack of appetite and prolonged disappearance basic instinct - hunger.

Types of anorexia : Primary children anorexia, anorexia nervosa, morbid mental anorexia, anorexia nervosa, anorexia, drug

Causes of anorexia

reasons causing this disease are different: the reception of medical and herbal drugs that reduce appetite;permanent use of diuretics;failure in the metabolism of the body;informed reception sick laxatives

Anorexia symptoms

- a sharp decrease in weight and lack of appetite (in adolescence manifest inability to gain weight during active growth)

- depression, insomnia and problems with sleep

- crampingmuscle, cardiac arrhythmia

- state of perpetual cold and weakness

- endocrine disorder of the body (in women amenorrhea, and men decreased li


Anorexia symptoms

- pathological fear of the patient to the possibility of stout to obesity and an urgent needreduce weight

- anorexics deny the problem of rapid weight loss

- increased desire of the patient to lose weight and because of a deliberate refusal to eat

- conviction of the patient that he was too full and needs to lose weight

- violationin the way of eating (eating on the run, reducing portions and division into parts)

- after meals the patient artificially causes vomiting

- increased fascination gymnastic exercises to exhaustion

- misinterpretation of his own body (personal perception of the body does not match the realweight)

- increased interest in cooking and collecting recipes, cooking meals for the family and a simultaneous refusal to participate in the meal, the interest in diet, the approval of vegetarianism

- the rejection of the mass go out and events related to the feast

- communication with relatives minimized

- multiple visits and privacy in the bathroom for a long time

- reinforced out sports

--catching pale skin

- irritation, undue resentment turning into aggression, angerand to sadness

Anorexia stage

- dismorfofobicheskaya (imaginary idea of ​​its fullness, entailed feelings about this, the fear of being ridiculed for this reason, relatives and people from his entourage, constant weighing, depression, denialfrom eating high-calorie)

- dismorfomanicheskaya (a strong belief in its fullness and the need to lose weight, goal weight loss is very serious and active hobby anorexic secret fasting, drinking huge amounts of liquids and induction of artificial vomiting, dependence on laxatives and diuretics)

-cachectic (total lack of appetite, decreased gastric acidity and the first signs of degeneration, weight loss for half of the original weight, lowering pressure and body temperature, slow heart rate, the occurrence of gastritis and other related diseases) anorexia

Anorexia Treatment

consequences of anorexia oftengrim and sad, and without the help of family members to begin treatment of patients with anorexia nervosa is not real.Patients with anorexia deny their problems and diseases.It was only with the assistance of relatives to react to signs and symptoms of anorexia may avoid the tragedy in the family.Western psychiatrists are sounding the alarm, because the consequences of anorexia is ignoring the mortality of treatment.And the honorable first place among deaths of mental illness takes anorexia nervosa.Domestic studies have shown that anorexia nervosa involves its "network" of 4 percent of girls in the age interval of thirteen to twenty years.Men are not subject to such disorders, although in recent years the growth of male anorexia is scheduled.In adolescence, when the question of appearance - is the number one problem, it is important not to miss your child, lest he joined the ranks of anorexia.Keep your child emotionally, do not lower his self-esteem, do not criticize the appearance of authoritarian refuse applications in the direction of the girl, does not stop the correct statements about your child or someone.This way you will be able to prevent the occurrence of anorexia and the time to begin to treat it as necessary detected signs and symptoms.

If disaster touched your family, then immediately give up the cult of food in the family or wrong approach to nutrition.His personal example, show that you are not in favor of diets and consider yourself perfect.Forget about your problems, and dedicate himself to anorexic.Only your support, love, a sense of usefulness and tact.Girls with anorexia painfully react to the comments, so forget about the scandals, forced feeding, quarrels and tears.Patience and knowledge of your problem.Many people wonder, and how to treat anorexia?In medical clinics set up programs aimed at treatment of anorexia, which will provide professional help and psychological and medical assistance.After being discharged from the clinic must be held out-patient treatment for fixation and weight gain in six months.If you do not want the publicity and started treatment of anorexia in the home, it is necessary to introduce a frequent split meals and after meals distracting exciting activities to prevent vomiting patient.Standing, friendly, unobtrusive monitoring of the patient and the stimulation of appetite (start a long meal with gastronomic delights, from which previously treated patients could not afford to refuse, enter into the diet of the new beautifully designed dishes, go to restaurants with different cuisines, enter into the habit of daily walks) andmost importantly - give love anorexic.Build your treatment with a favorable current method of remuneration (desired gift) and expand personal freedom, but for a long time unattended, do not leave the patient with anorexia.When patients refuse food, citing the lack of appetite, offer liquid foods (different nutrient mixtures).Capture of your fluids and urine.It is very important to establish water - electrolyte reactions in the body.The decrease of potassium in the body leads to heart problems and a lack of potassium in the body is renewable intravenously.Drug therapy includes the following drugs treat anorexia: cyproheptadine, chlorpromazine, amitriptyline, but strictly on prescription.From traditional medicine to be commended appetizing herbs and soothing plants.Very well is their combination of taste, this mint, mountain ash fruits, lavender, plantain leaf, tansy, oregano, sage herb, nettle leaf, milfoil, sweet flag root.anorexia

Victims of anorexia after a long hospitalization and subject to a favorable treatment relapse.And it is desirable at this time out of sight of the patient not to miss.Readmissions in such a situation can be avoided is extremely rare, and complete recovery occurs in half of anorexics.

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