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Primary children anorexia

Primary children anorexia

Children Anorexia is a real hot potato issue for parents concerned about the health of your baby.Currently, the problem of children of primary anorexia given sufficient attention in pediatrics.Young mums give advice on children's health facilities, help to avoid the development of anorexia in children. It would seem that not so long ago a child's appetite was excellent, and how could it happen that the baby refuses to eat.And all the fault broke into sudden illness, the summer heat or gastro - intestinal disorders, and of course the lack of competence in the organization of parents feeding their offspring.Parents are shocked that their child is no longer happy to favorite dishes, but diligently continue to impose it has become hateful dishes.And try to understand the causes of the parents do not want

Children anorexia causes

- not adherence to infant feeding (production of basic instinct - hunger occurs after a certain time interval)

- introduction to children'

s diet forbidden sweets and disorderly their use (chocolate, candy, sodas)

- lack of variety in the diet and the same type menu

- big portions for feeding

- an illness the child different etiology

- a sharp change of climatic conditions

Children anorexia treatment

ascertainedreason to start treatment of anorexia with the help of a medical consultation and a clear adherence to feeding.Measures to overcome the state of anorexia conducted in several stages:

- feeding of children age, but with decreasing portions of three times, with the introduction of appetite stimulation products for children after one year (salted vegetables, garlic, herring, fresh pickles) and exclusionfrom a diet of fats, carbohydrates (sweets, sweets)

- after the return of appetite, increasing the amount of servings of infant food proteins leave the norm, and the fat using half of normal age

- return to normal baseline diet with reduced fat

Spending measures to resolve the status of children's primary anorexia, it is necessary to take into account the hard work of the digestive system the child's body.In the morning, it is recommended to give children fat and protein foods and carbohydrate in the second, as well as dairy products.Over time, the child goes to the usual diet.It is worth noting a misconception about the parents of hyperactive games and their abrupt interruption to the meal.Plan activities such after the main meals.Between emotional exhaustion or physical fatigue are also encouraged to transfer meal after the rest of the baby.What is important is that moment in feeding as a focus on food.Distraction is strictly not allowed.To do this, the child is offered exactly the dish that he should eat.The new dish introduced into the diet in small portions.Great importance is given to its design and presentation in a beautiful dish to attract attention.Use dish feeding large meals.It is to deceive the eye of the baby.The child will think that eating a little compared to the size of saucers.When refusing the kid is - quietly waiting for the next feeding period.There is no need to press the sheer sick child eating food.In this case, the hungry will benefit pause.If a child is sick, and he tore - do not abuse it, and a break in the game until the next feeding.If you want to give your child water to wash down the food.And with the ability to offer the kid a few dishes to choose from, but is not reducible to a restaurant meal.Limit your baby's stay at the table until half an hour.Be always tolerance and your persistence will yield results.

From medication use ascorbic acid and tincture of wormwood.Treatment of primary anorexia in adolescence carries explanatory nature of the dangers of the disease, citing the examples of life, talking about the effects of anorexia.When categorical refusal of the child to eat, you must have a mandatory counseling neuropsychiatrist.With a sharp drop weight, forced hospitalization of the child - the only way out.

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