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Men's Anorexia

Men anorexia

Male anorexia photo Every year men's anorexia is gaining momentum.And unfortunately he walks together with anorexia and bulimia men, which men are at three times more often than women.Men set categorical and their problems do not recognize.It has long been believed that anorexia is purely a women's issue, but British doctors are concerned about the rapid growth of male anorexia. pursuit of beautiful perfect body pushes men to such senseless steps and aggravation of their health.Men become fixated on their forms, are engaged quickened exercise to achieve your goal, keep on controlling calorie intake, deliberately refuse to eat, arranging hungry days, constantly weighed.And younger age of men suffering from anorexia.Medical workers are sounding the alarm about the decline of muscle muscles students.

Men anorexia and bulimia is a desire to keep the weight under control, artificially causing vomiting improvised means after every meal.Frustration and a desire to get rid of fullness occur in patients with

anorexia constantly because during the meal they feel that they ate a lot.After each act to liberate the stomach there is a feeling of guilt to the deed, which could result in future psychosomatic disorders

Anorexia causes

Men's Anorexia nervosa is characterized by women's age range and their development in conjunction with schizophrenia, psychoses, neuroses.But before the man became ill with anorexia, many of them are overweight.Boundless enthusiasm debilitating sports also leads to terrible exhaustion of the male body.Men working in the modeling business, are often susceptible to male anorexia.Prior to the beginning of the disease, many anorexics have weak muscles, and the vascular system, attended ailments of the digestive tract

Anorexia symptoms

- anorexics men refuse to eat

- give undue preference to sport

- anorexics refuse activelife, are not enterprising tend to solitude

- deny the illness as such

Anorexia Treatment

- the treatment is focused on the return of an anorexic to the weight corresponding to the norm

- creating favorable conditions for self meal

-instilling positive attitudes towards food, their forms

- active involvement and support of loved ones in achieving a speedy recovery to the man

- examination of the therapist, the appointment of the need bed rest, hospitalization

- appointment of bracing means, vitamin complexes, substitutes

- Patients with anorexia have high-calorie eating

- anorexics at improving the state begin to take tranquilizers and antidepressants

- a positive attitude throughout the course of treatment

- failure treated and drastic weight loss (relapse) to re-hospitalization

-the use of autogenous training

- group therapy with the aim of exchanging experiences on the recovery of other patients with anorexia

- advice from a qualified doctor - nutritionist in the treatment of imprisoned

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