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Drug anorexia

Drug anorexia

drug anorexia photo Drug anorexia - the loss of hunger caused by unconsciously during the treatment of another disease or specifically provoked by medication for the sole purpose of reducing the weight of his body, and as a side effectfrom taking antidepressants and various stimulants.

Currently, physicians generally raises the problem of side effects from the drug-specific drugs.Medicines and long-term maintenance therapy eliminate deadly diseases and return to the active life of millions of people, but it is harmful to the whole body's immune system and contribute to the emergence of new diseases not less terrible.Anorexia and drug one of the evidence of this, as a consequence of receiving specific medication in excessive amounts.Therefore, Russian scientists Yefim Aronovich Arkin introduced a new concept of "drug disease."The "drug disease" got many illnesses: asthenia, malignant and endocrine diseases, dyspepsia different localization, fever, Addison's disease, drug addiction, alcoholism and d

rug including anorexia.

Along with outstanding success in the field of chemotherapy and there was a lot of negative aspects.It is well known that the composition of the specific medications include benzene derivatives, sulfa drugs, quinoline, antibiotics and so on. Research on complications showed that appeared new diseases differ in their etiology, clinical manifestations, pathology.It was obvious that the impact of drugs on the entire body is a complex biological phenomenon.All the complications associated with taking medications divided into the following groups: side effects of the drug medications, toxic effects of drugs;complications arising from a sharp lifting of the drug;individual organism rejection drug.In principle, any medication can lead to "drug-disease", which means the dosage anorexia

Anorexia symptoms

anorexics complain of nausea, loss of appetite, exhaustion, pain in the epigastric region, retching, a quick saturationstomach and a feeling of fullness.Patients with anorexia deny their problem and persist in taking medications that promote weight loss.These symptoms may be basic, which in the first place should pay attention drug anorexia photo

Anorexia Treatment

Consultation at the following professionals: psychologist, neurologist, oncologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist.General treatment includes common principles, but takes into account the clinical picture.Compulsory hospitalization, compliance with bed rest and the abolition of all medicines.Anorexia appointed not irritating diet with plenty of fluids.Reasons drug anorexia is not fully understood, but the basis of drug treatment of anorexia - psychotherapy.It is necessary to distract the patient from anorexia destructive thoughts about losing weight.Full recovery occurs in half of the cases anorexia.

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