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Dermatitis on hands

Dermatitis on hands

dermatitis on his hands photo Dermatitis on the hands is itself an inflammatory reaction of the skin in response to exposure to various stimuli from the outside, our environment.With our modern way of life in this age of GMOs avoid dermatitis on the hands is not possible. And it's not just because of the food.Many drugs, many cosmetic products and procedures, or household products cause dermatitis.Dermatitis most often occur on the hands, because our hands are constantly involved in the work to any stimuli.And the skin on the hands is much softer relative to the body, so there is a dermatitis on the hands of any origin in the first place.Well, then it can spread to other parts of the body.

Dermatitis on hands causes

irritants that cause the occurrence of dermatitis on his hands and dermatitis on the fingers, are both physical and chemical or biological nature arise.Obligate irritable substances cause dermatitis ordinary, almost everyone.These stimuli include: pressure, friction, temperature, and ra

diation exposure, alkalis and acids, some plants (eg nettle).Irritants can cause inflammation of the optional leather only those persons who are hypersensitive to them: there is sensitization dermatitis on her hands.

number of sensitizers is very large and constantly growing.Great practical importance salts of nickel, chromium, cobalt, turpentine, formalin, polymers, detergents, medicines, perfumes, cosmetics, some plants, insecticides.The most common condition of dermatitis on the hands is a direct tissue damage of the skin.

essence of atopic dermatitis on the hands is a monovalent sensitization of the skin.Sensitizers which cause dermatitis usually are haptens.They are coupled to the protein of the skin to form conjugates which have the properties of absolute allergens, under whose influence of activated lymphocytes, and this is caused by the development of dermatitis and sensitization - delayed-type hypersensitivity.It is also an important role in the mechanism of development of dermatitis played by individual characteristics of the organism: the state of the central nervous system, genetic inheritance, supporting and past illnesses (eg fungal infections), function of the sebaceous and / or sweat glands, as well as the state of the water-lipid mantle of the skin.

Sensitization monovalent explains peculiarities of clinics and dermatitis on his hands: a clear specificity (dermatitis begins its development under the influence of a particular stimulus);the estate of the latent period between the first interaction with the stimulus and the appearance of dermatitis (an average of a week or two), excessive abnormal inflammatory response of the skin, abnormal concentrations of excitatory substances and exposure time;affected area, which goes far beyond the parameters of the area affected stimulus.

Dermatitis on hands symptoms

Dermatitis on the hands and fingers, usually limited to the obvious damage to the skin.That's why the clinical manifestations of dermatitis and the concentration of the process are determined, the period of exposure, and a factor of irritable substance, with damage to the skin occurs rapidly, or some time after the first contact with the irritating substance, and specifically affected area corresponds to the area of ​​contact.

Usually, dermatitis on the hands or fingers leaking or acute or chronic.Determine the three stages of acute dermatitis: erythematous stage, accompanied by edema, hyperemia of varying severity;bullous stage, which is accompanied by the formation of vesicles on an erythematous edematous background that turn into crusts drying and opened to form a weeping erosions and ulcers;necrotic stage that accompanied the collapse of tissues, with the expressions of education and as a result, scarring.Such dermatitis mostly accompanied by burning, itching and pain.This depends on the extent and severity of lesions.The most common variant of acute dermatitis on the hands appears to abrasion, which occurs on the hands, especially in those individuals who do not have the physical skills to work.The clinic for this condition sharply marked edema hyperemia, her background in the long exposure of the stimulus appear larger bubbles - the type of blisters, as well as to him may join pyococcus infection.

chronic dermatitis on the fingers or hands can have a character with infiltration, cracks, keratinization (power), skin atrophy, persistent hyperemia.The reason for its occurrence is the long-term impact of weak stimuli.Chronic forms of dermatitis on the hands caused by mechanical action is a callus.It develops due to the long and periodic friction and pressure on the brush during operation.

But for virtually all forms of dermatitis main symptom is the development on the skin of various inflammatory elements: papules, rash, erythema, pustules, exfoliating scales.Often the occurrence of such items accompanied by itching of the skin, which is quite painful.Significantly less pain may occur.For certain symptoms of dermatitis on the hands can be attributed to poor sensitivity problem areas.The sensitivity can be both increased and decreased to no.

toxic manifestations of dermatitis on the hands may be accompanied by a general deterioration: the appearance of the head, joint and muscle pain, fever, loss of strength.But often manifestations of dermatitis on the hands of limited skin, local manifestations.

photos of dermatitis on the fingers

dermatitis on the fingers Photo

frequent occurrence of dermatitis may be considered in the hands of children.This is due to their age imperfection immunity.Because of this, they are often prone to allergies.In children, dermatitis on the hands occur more rapidly than in adults, but they rarely have protracted.Therefore dermatitis on the hands of children, as a rule, well-cured after the detection and elimination of the stimulus.

dermatitis diagnosis is not difficult.It includes: a scraping of the affected skin with a phased-in, followed by research laboratories (bacteriological examination, histological examination), blood and urine tests, immunological tests, with the ultimate purpose of determining allergens and overall assessment of the immune system.

dermatitis is often in the hands of children are caused by imperfections in the age of the immune system and susceptibility to allergies.The most common form of dermatitis in children - exudative diathesis allergic nature.Dermatitis in Children advocates frequent pathologies, and proceeds actively with rare protracted.By eliminating the cause, well cured.

treatment of dermatitis on his hands

It is safe to assume that the treatment of all types of dermatitis on the hands is required to start with identifying and removing the stimulus.Local and external therapy should depend on the severity and nature of the processes occurring in the skin, as well as the type of rash.

In acute process, which is characterized by the appearance of bubbles and surface erosion, can be used wet the bandage soaked in broth herbs or soaked in 3% aqueous boric acid solution (3 g of boric acid powder per 100 milliliters of boiling water).The methodology of these procedures is as follows: a decoction of herbs, which is prepared by the annexed instructions on the package, it must be cooled to about 25 degrees (room temperature).Gauze cloth that is folded into 5 layers, moistened with broth cooked, pressed, and twenty minutes is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin.The procedure must be repeated within one hour, with a break for two and a half hours.Within 12 hours the dressing with a decoction of herbs may be repeated three or four times.

Suffice it safely and quickly cure dermatitis skin rash on the hands, also prevent the development of re-infection may Skin Cap.This is an external non-hormonal means of activated zinc piritioninom basically.By its efficiency is comparable with the medicine by means of hormonal origin, but absolutely not have any side effects, which can be at hormones.Skin-Cap has three major steps: antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.If you have a large area of ​​the lesion with oozing ulcers and erosions, is preferable to use Skin-cap in the form of an aerosol, but if the skin is dry, it is best to use the cream.The cream can also provide quality moisturizing.This drug can also be administered to children with dermatitis on the hands and the body at the age of 1 year and adults 2 times a day for a week, or to eliminate the signs of dermatitis on his hands.

If there is a connection of a secondary infection, which is determined by the presence of yellow, purulent crusts on the surfaces of ulcers and erosions, it is advisable to use antibacterial ointment (eg levomikol, sintomitsinovoy emulsion of 10% to 2 times a day).

If there is a persistent, unbearable itching, you can apply desensitizing drugs and antihistamines.These include loratadine, Diazolin, Aerius in normal doses specified in the instructions.They may also be a solution of calcium gluconate 10% in ten ml / m for five days.

Prerequisite treatment of dermatitis on the hands is a hypoallergenic diet compliance with the exception of fish, eggs, dairy products, citrus fruits, chocolate, coffee, etc.It should be excluded.It is also necessary to carry out treatment of gastrointestinal drugs to improve metabolism and getting rid of intestinal dysbiosis, which also contributes to the rapid development of dermatitis on his hands.

When local redness and thickening of the skin, apply the cream emollients: Elidel twice a day Ksemoz to 6 times a day (after contact with water), etc.

In some cases, may require the appointment of glucocorticosteroids (sinaflana, flutsinar).We must remember that these drugs can not be used and administered to patients by yourself, that is, without a doctor's recommendation, as the long-term use causes atrophy of the skin.These drugs are prohibited for use on the face.

After elimination of symptoms and signs of dermatitis on the hands and the stabilization process of the positive attitude may recommend gentle to the skin: it can not be exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays.Therefore, this should apply special cosmetic means with a 50-SPF factor.

People's treatment of dermatitis on the hands can be considered as medicinal plants in the form of powders, ointments, decoctions, tinctures.Assigns should all doctor-dermatologist.It can be used topically and inside chamomile in filter bags, celandine, oak bark, St. John's wort, sage, etc.Some forms of dermatitis on the hands can be treated with propolis and beeswax, but only in the absence of an allergy to bee products.

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