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Dermatitis color

Dermatitis color

dermatitis on the head photo dermatitis on the head - one of the manifestations of such a common dermatologic diseases as seborrheic dermatitis.The most common dermatitis on the head appears normal dandruff, but in no case this should not be treated calmly, as in the case of further long-term progression of the disease, may develop such serious complications such as alopecia, which is manifested by partial or complete loss scalp.

human scalp has a large concentration of big hair and sebaceous glands and the hair follicle is a complex pilosebatseynym complex.The structure and growth of hair is affected by the value of the sebaceous glands.For example, people with thick long hair have a large sebaceous glands, while sparse hair are observed in people with a much smaller glands.

Normally, the scalp has a strong enough barrier to possible infiltration and subsequent multiplication of fungal flora.Secreted by the sebaceous glands fats and acidic environment of the skin surface, an extremely detrimental effe

ct on infiltrated pathogens.In addition, the protective function is performed by a natural physiological process of shedding of the epithelium.

usually the scalp has a so-called property samosterilizatsii, which functions as a result of her education in various microorganisms (lipophilic yeast, saprophytes, filamentous fungi, bacteria).In the event of any breach of this layer on the surface of the scalp changes the balance of these microorganisms, which often leads to squamous defeat and the subsequent development of dermatitis on his head.

dermatitis on the head causes

Causes of dermatitis on the head can be quite varied, it is hormonal changes in the body and different diets during puberty, chronic diseases (fermentopathy, goiter), violations of adequate working digestive tract and immune system.Also, most research supports the fact that the dermatitis on the head always accompany yeasts Malassezia.This type of fungus is located around the sebaceous glands, using them as a secret source of fatty acids necessary for their development and growth.

a role in the development of dermatitis on the head and carry a genetic predisposition.Most often, patients with this disease is present dermatological family history, in other words - the presence of dermatitis on the head of the next of kin.Among the etiological factors preference is given to wearing headgear (increases excretion of fat), increased sweating, application containing harsh surfactants detergents.Seborrheic dermatitis

in its classic version symmetrically in the pathological process involves the scalp and the borders of growth of eyelashes, eyebrows, hair.

dermatitis on the head symptoms

Perhaps the most characteristic feature of dermatitis on his head is the presence of settling specific focal or diffuse krupnoplastinchatyh or small white flakes.In the event that such manifestations do not accompany ostrovospalitelnye skin changes, this option course of dermatitis on the head interpreted as dry seborrhea.Some patients attribute the appearance of dry flakes of skin and begin to wash your hair less often, thereby further enhancing the manifestations of dermatitis on his head.

As an option, there are so-called oily seborrhea, in which flakes of dandruff more firmly against your skin and have a pronounced yellow color.If the treatment of dermatitis on the head is not carried out, seborrheic dermatitis becomes severe form, in which soaking sebum flakes thicken, peeling takes a more intensive form, enhanced by itching, scales observed by the formation of erosions, can join a secondary bacterial infection.This condition is regarded as accepted seborrheic eczema.

Before treatment dermatitis on the head, be sure to differentiate between the following dermatological diseases: hereditary dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

photo on the head seborrheic dermatitis

seborrheic dermatitis on the head photo

Dermatitis color treatment

primarily in patients with dermatitis on the head recommended a strict diet with severe restriction can enhance the excretion of fat foods: sweet, spicy, fried and fatty foods, animal fats.It is recommended to completely eliminate any alcoholic drinks and coffee.

In the period of acute dermatitis on the head, which usually manifests itself more intensive development of dandruff, should be avoided in the room humid and hot climate, is absolutely contraindicated sauna and bath.

In remission is very important to properly care for the skin of the head.Shampoo should be chosen for the type of hair that must maintain a constant pH level of the skin, and provide a gentle cleaning and degreasing effect.

In the case of chronic recurrent dandruff, treatment of dermatitis on the head must be carried out with the help of high-performance products.Among the most well-established preference for antifungal drugs are usually given to the following: pyrithione zinc undecylenate alcohol, octopirox, ketoconazole.In some cases, may enhance the effectiveness of a combination of several anti-fungal components.

One of the treatment of dermatitis on the head is to prevent excessive accumulation of sebum, which, as noted above, is the main habitat for fungi Malassezia.To reduce the accumulation of sebum inhibiting path is selected (block) the activity of the enzyme 5a-reductase which is achieved by a combination of zinc and vitamin B6.This combination of components present in a special medicated shampoo "Naudet DS + Anti-recurrence".As an adjunct to therapy is often added to the course darsonvalization + cryomassage liquid nitrogen.

Dermatitis color national treatment

pretty good results with dermatitis on the head shows the people's money.Below we present the most common and simple recipes, used to fight this disease.

The first method is used in the presence of dry seborrhea head

of equal parts by volume forelock garlic and fresh nettle leaves make gruel, which is uniformly thin layer applied to the scalp, then cover her headscarf.Twenty minutes later, all that must be removed, rinse well head with warm water, then rinse decoction of chamomile.

One of the best recipes from dermatitis to be the next head.One tablespoon of honey + one tablespoon of castor oil + one dining lodges.onion juice + one egg yolk.All of this should be a good mix, after which a small amount of the resulting composition gently rubbed into the scalp.Then head should wrap a scarf for two hours, after which it is well washed with warm water.

The second method is used in the presence of fatty dermatitis scalp

should be about 50 grams of onion peel pour 400 ml of water and simmer for not more than twenty minutes.The resulting broth should be cool and drain thoroughly.The resulting liquid to lubricate the hair, comb them well, and then lubricate again.This procedure is required prodelyvat a day until symptoms of dermatitis on his head.

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