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Diaper dermatitis

Diaper dermatitis

photos of diaper dermatitis diaper dermatitis is called dermatitis, which is directly related to swaddling.Most often, there is diaper dermatitis in infants, but sometimes diaper dermatitis and older children. peak of this type of dermatitis is coming 6 months from the birth of the baby.Newborn babies suffer them less frequently, since they are less mobile in the first weeks and months of life.But again, time has not replaced a diaper or diaper may provoke this diaper dermatitis in infants.

general phenomenon of diaper dermatitis in children is quite common around the world.In Russia, about 70 percent of children dermatitis is associated with this form.His name is obliged to diaper dermatitis children of that age, who can not control their excretory function.

Diaper dermatitis causes

Diaper dermatitis in children can occur in conditions of high humidity inside the diaper or a diaper, and as a consequence, lack of access of air, the presence of various stimuli, chemicals and the presence of micro-o

rganisms contained in the faeces and urine, andand the friction of clothing and diapers.Of no little importance in terms of diaper dermatitis is given to the simultaneous action of feces and urine.Irritant effect is explained by the addition of ammonia to uric acid, which is formed by contacting the urine with feces as well as enzymes that are present in the feces (for example, lipase or protease).

Diaper dermatitis in children can develop from the first days of life, but the peak of the disease can occur between 6-12 months of.During this period, food is very varied, it kind of gives you a good basis for the development and establishment of the intestinal microflora.But as the skin becomes important protective properties is starting to improve his condition and resistance to various irritants.

can assume that some children are predisposed to the development of diaper dermatitis.This type of dermatitis has the prerequisites to a repetition of some children, due to increased sensitizing feature of the skin and mucous membranes, which have a tendency to allergic reactions, which also have volatile exchange water and salt, are a violation of the ratio of the intestinal microflora (dysbiosis) haveincreased ammonia content in the urine.

dermatoses such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis or candidiasis Dermatitis can play an important role in the development of diaper dermatitis.

dermatitis liver newborn photo

diaper dermatitis of newborn photo

Candida diaper dermatitis develops due to the frequent use of antibiotics, especially broad spectrum of activity (for example, in the treatment of diarrhea in children).

A child who has broken the barrier function of the skin is required to join a secondary infection, such as Candida albicans and Streptococcus aureus.In other words, candida diaper dermatitis, or they are provided with a strep infection.

Causes of diaper dermatitis in infants and children may also be: the misuse of funds for skin care of the child (for example, powders, creams, diapers and soap).Also, improperly wearing a diaper can cause friction of the skin of his face, and it will facilitate the penetration of irritating substances.Allergy to washing machines and detergents for clothes can be a cause of diaper dermatitis.

In some cases, diaper dermatitis may manifest as a chronic disease.In this case the fault of the parents who did not show the child in time to a specialist, or are the wrong skin care for the child, engaged in self-medicate, and do not care for the child.

Diaper dermatitis symptoms

Diaper dermatitis in children begins its course with a slight reddening of the skin under the diapers, especially around the genital organs, the hips and buttocks of the child.Peeling may sometimes occur, and the bubbles on the skin.In the everyday sense, diaper dermatitis can be called "intertrigo".In severe cases, there are expressions in the affected areas, swelling and ulcers.

In general, the term "diaper dermatitis in children" fit many conditions of the skin in the area of ​​wearing diapers.Redness in the anus are usually caused by a chair with an alkaline reaction in those children who are bottle-fed, and, as a rule, almost never occur in those babies who are breast-fed (breast-feeding), while in their diet will not start to enterLure.

Picture a child of diaper dermatitis

diaper dermatitis in the child's photo

slight reddening of the skin due to mechanical or intertrigo thorn in children can also occur in deep folds in the groin area between the lower part of the abdomen and thighs.In those places where the contact with urine, increased inflammation.Diaper dermatitis is a redness in places where friction is especially strong diapers and clothes on the baby's skin and is most strongly in their impact on it.

also possible occurrence of diaper dermatitis in those children who have a seborrheic dermatitis.Because of it, there seborrheic yellowish scales on the head, infiltration and redness of the skin on the cheeks (milk crust), are starting to appear persistent diaper rash in the skin folds and on the buttocks.The occurrence of diaper dermatitis these children comes in waves.Aggravation is usually caused by any provoking factor - the meteorological conditions, nutritional conditions of infection.

appearance of erythematous plaques and small pink papules with their spread to the genitals, and the folds of the anal area indicates the presence of Candida diaper dermatitis.Involvement of the skin folds is important factor for the differential diagnosis of Candida from primary irritative diaper dermatitis.Also candida diaper dermatitis should be suspected if the rash persist more than 72 hours.Diagnosis is exposed on the basis of laboratory and clinical data: mycological analysis of infected foci from the periphery of papules, erythema, pustules, which allows to determine pseudohyphae.

Usually, a child with diaper dermatitis is restless, cranky, crying, trying to remove the diaper and puts her hands to the groin.

To the doctor should contact immediately in cases where: against diaper dermatitis increased body temperature to 38.5 ̊S;affected area increases, there are sites on the swollen and become bluish-purple hue;your child has loss of hair on the background of diaper dermatitis;the formation of ulcers in the affected areas of diaper dermatitis;Treatment of diaper dermatitis in the home does not bring any effect for three to five days.

Diaper dermatitis treatment

main event in the treatment of diaper dermatitis in children is the prevention of this disease.It is also important to note as soon as possible the start of an inflammatory process and resort to taking the necessary measures.

Parents should be aware that, depending on the factor provoking, nappy rash appears on different skin areas and may have a different degree of its severity.It should also take into account the individual characteristics of the child, they may have the appearance of dermatitis such as diaper.

The content of the skin with a clean and dry, in the area of ​​the diaper, is the main principle of prevention.Humidity of the skin reduces the timely replacement of diapers, even at night, when I woke up the child.Very important is the use of modern disposable diapers in which the inner layer has a cellulose content in its gelling material having an increased ability to absorb moisture.The advantage of such diapers is that the absorption and retention of urine occurs in the inner layer of the diaper, so the skin of the child is not in contact with moisture.In addition, the child does not need to dress too warm, and do not use clothing that adheres to the skin.Close parental attention should merit selection diaper size - should be reliable, accurate and symmetrically fix Velcro-fastening getting dressed child.When replace a diaper, the baby's skin carefully wash with warm water and dried well.

Various functions of the skin and the increased absorptive capacity of the skin require special attention to the selection of cosmetics, which are used for the care of children first year of life.

plurality manifestations diaper dermatitis in infants has restraint and responds well to simple measures, for example, diapers or regularly replaced more often than usual, the time period when taking air bath (the time spent without the diaper) increases.Be sure to strip most of the child below the belt, leave overnight in a form permitting the room temperature.

addition to proper and timely cleansing baby skin must be lubricated regularly with creams, oils, use baby powder.Not abundant use of baby powder protects skin from rubbing her diaper, and at the same time, excessive use of baby powder, particularly after bathing, when the skin is wiped dry, leading to the development and education korostochek and crusts.

Diaper dermatitis than to cure

use of cosmetic products for children in the first year of life, has a preventive effect on the development of inflammatory reactions in the skin.Different types and kinds of cosmetic products for children include: milk, lotions, gels, oils baby after bathing, which creates on the skin surface film with a protective effect, Creams for children, which include the following substances: beeswax, mineral and / orcastor oil, glycerol, zinc oxide, panthenol, vitamins A, E, D, C, natural extracts and vegetable oil in flavonoids (chamomile, succession, aloe, calendula, etc.)

For processing the affected skin areas when diaper dermatitis is recommendedUse ointments and creams with a therapeutic effect.Desitin ointment, which in itself contains zinc oxide, has a drying effect, resulting in reduced flow of secretions and mucus in the affected areas of the skin dermatitis.Drapolen cream, which is composed of benzalkonium chloride and tsitrimid, has disinfectant, antiseptic, emollient, moisturizing and protective effect on the skin of the child.Ointments Bepanten and D-panthenol, which contain dexpanthenol in their composition, have a stimulating effect epithelialization of the skin, they also possess anti-inflammatory action.

the treatment of Candida diaper dermatitis are used by local antifungal preparations (for example, miconazole, ketoconazole, clotrimazole, Batrafen).If no effect is observed in the local application of ointments or the infection has spread to other parts of the body and mucous, then resort to treat systemic Candida infection, taking into account the child's age and the disease.It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is not recommended simultaneous application of baby powder and cream on the same areas of the skin.

should also use the children's special shampoo to wash your hair, which is developed taking into account the structure and characteristics of the scalp and hair of the child.Baby shampoo and non-irritating to the mucous eye that helps to significantly simplify the procedure of bathing the child.

for bathing infants is recommended to use a special baby soap, which contains a minimum amount of alkali, which also contributes to drying and irritation of the skin.When a child's diaper dermatitis use of any soap cut to once a day.There may be a variety of allergic reactions to vserazlichnye care for baby's skin.

Upon accession of seborrheic dermatitis may require the appointment of topical steroid ointment, and accession of infection - antiviral, antifungal or antibacterial agents.All of them should be appointed strictly professional.Self-medication in such cases is unacceptable!

forecast for diaper dermatitis, in the case of timely treatment and preventive action, promises to be favorable.

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