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Dermatitis on their feet

dermatitis on the feet

dermatitis on the legs Photo dermatitis on the feet - quite common symptom of various dermatitis manifesting such characteristic features as the presence of peeling and itching of the skin of feet, and the emergence of transparent bubbles, wet cracks, crusts. dermatitis on the legs is often a simple form, which can occur both chronic and acute.

dermatitis on the legs causes

Causes of dermatitis on the legs to pinpoint not always obtained, and this despite the fact that its symptoms are noticeable almost immediately.It pimples, bubbles, cracks and flaking of the skin, often with a physical unnatural colors that often cheshatsya and hurt.

dermatitis on the legs often develops as a result of poor or wearing uncomfortable shoes in which the legs are injured, irritated and sweat because of the unnatural position of the foot.In addition, the possible development of dermatitis due to synthetic socks tights, stockings or socks that cause excessive sweating, not letting the foot to "breathe", thus co

ntributing to the deterioration of the skin and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.Dermatitis leg skin can cause a variety of chemicals that are part of the majority of cheap washing powder.

Photo contact dermatitis on the feet

contact dermatitis on the feet (complicated form) photo

dermatitis on the legs symptoms

Modern medicine distinguishes three stages of development of acute dermatitis: the first stage is characterized by the appearance of swelling in the affected areas of varying severity;the second stage is characterized by the appearance of swelling in the background is dry up, breaking through the bubble;the third stage of development is shown in the affected areas of skin ulceration and scarring.

initial stage of acute dermatitis on the feet of exhibit various degrees of severity swelling.After significant periods of time, against edema appear translucent bubbles, which are then dry out or samovskryvayutsya forming unhealed long enough moist erosions, that later ulcerate and ultimately scarring.Patients worried about the pain, burning and itching at the site of injury.The most common form of acute eczema are worn, which is sometimes called dry or watery blisters.

chronic form of dermatitis on the feet develops as a result of prolonged exposure to various weak stimuli.In this form on the skin of the legs are formed explicit cracks, there is a strengthening of actinic skin, sometimes there may be atrophy.A striking example of this form are callosity arising from wearing tight shoes.

photos of dermatitis on his feet

atopic dermatitis on the legs Photo

treatment of dermatitis on the feet

exact cause of dermatitis on the legs can be set only in the case of recourse to a qualified doctor, so if you have any reason to suspect manifestations on their feet, need to apply formedical help.If after the appointment of research will be confirmed allergic nature of the origin of the disease, the patient will be required to cease any contact with the identified irritant.Treatment of allergic forms of dermatitis on the legs is the use of certain therapeutic procedures and reception antihistamine drugs.In order to remove the itching necessarily be appointed as antihistamines.

itching dermatitis when the skin is well removed from the leg by a piece of folk who rubbed the affected area.In the case of penetration into the damaged skin areas of any infection, assigned treatment with antibacterial agents and antibiotics.

dermatitis on the feet can be successfully treated fairly complex technique of vitamins A, C, E, A, B.They significantly improve the overall condition of the skin and promote a more active exchange of substances.

Along with a variety of medication, treatment of dermatitis on the feet can be carried out using the methods of traditional medicine.Below we present the most common and well-proven recipes of traditional medicine used in this disease.

1. It should be taken in equal parts and a series of hop cones (1 hr. + 1 hour lodges. Lodges.) Stir well together.After that you should take 150 ml of boiling water and pour over the grass.Let it brew broth given 8-10 hours, well wrapped container.After this, the infusion should drain well, to heat up the hot condition and pre-dinner drink.Also at bedtime should wrap the affected area soaked in the broth gauze.If you repeat this procedure every morning and evening, a week later will be seen a significant improvement, and two weeks later most of dermatitis on the legs disappear completely.

2. Next sufficiently effective remedy is a decoction of oak bark.Oak bark is filled with hot water and brought to a boil and the resulting composition of brewed 6-8 hours.The resulting broth should be well drain.The resulting liquid is moistened gauze, and then applied to the wound site, it is best to do at night.Improve skin will be seen within a week.To reduce itching, along with bells and whistles you can take antihistamines.

3. dermatitis on the feet heals well decoction of viburnum.2 tbsp.Spoon berries should grind in a wooden mortar and the resulting composition of the pour 200 ml boiling water.After that Kalina should insist at least four hours.This infusion drink 100 ml before meals 4 a day.

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