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Diet for dermatitis

Diet for dermatitis

diet for dermatitis photos Any form of dermatitis is a reaction to the skin irritant action of exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) factors.Stages of cell damage the skin with dermatitis can often be the nature of the allergic character.The reasons for the development of a group of diseases that experts still little studied.But it is safe to say that in many cases of such diseases as dermatitis (eg, seborrheic, allergic or atopic) meal can act as the main factor provoking the aggravation of the disease, as well as a factor that could trigger a worsening of the disease.

Dermatitis can deliver a lot of trouble to their owner.Sore skin itches and is an unpleasant cosmetic effects for the surrounding people.But compliance with the special rules and regulations in the diet can help or completely eliminate or significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of dermatitis.

Dieting in all forms of dermatitis has at least two main purposes:

- avoiding contact with allergens in the diet;

- to ensure adequate intake of these substances, which may contribute to epithelialization of the skin and protect it from new cells defeats this disease.

Atopic dermatitis diet

The disease can appear as a result of a food allergy genesis or excessive sensitization (sensitivity) to certain components of the drug dosage groups, for example, groups of antibiotics.

identify irritant at times can be difficult: it is necessary from the human diet gradually exclude substances that may be allergens, but also should bear in mind that almost every food can cause an allergic reaction.

Qualitative prevention of atopic dermatitis is also a strict diet.If atopic dermatitis appeared the baby, the mother's diet in atopic dermatitis should be strictly adhered to her if she is breastfeeding.Often allergens that contribute to development of the disease, can have the character of a food.Diet is considered to be an important element in the fight against atopic dermatitis.

diet in atopic dermatitis appointed with a low calorie content.There is a list of foods that definitely need to be excluded from the diet.First of all, it's alcoholic beverages and foods that contain ethyl alcohol.You can not eat smoked products, food and unacceptable overdo much pepper.

also need to forget the way in fast food.Actually, the main factor in the diet for dermatitis considered giving up junk food, the so-called bags: crackers, chips, candy bars.It is extremely important to try to eliminate simple carbohydrates, which are normally found in the sugar in baked goods.It is important to drink a lot of juice (freshly squeezed).Do not buy them in stores, and manufactures their own homes.

Notable foods include vegetables, milk, fruits, seaweed, berries and jelly aspic and fatty meats.If the dermatitis is caused by emotional situations, the diet can include soothing herbal tea, tincture of valerian.

with atopic dermatitis from the diet is necessary to exclude fish eggs, certain types of sea and river fish.It is strictly forbidden to eat soy products, chocolate and cocoa.Nor can eat carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and beets.The berries strictly forbidden to have strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, black currants.Under the ban are citrus fruits, pineapples, persimmons.The inadmissibility of the same degree are: nuts, honey, eggs and products containing wheat and rye.

in small amounts is allowed to eat: cranberries, bananas, corn, peaches and apricots.Because meat is permissible to cook small portions of dishes of rabbit, turkey and lamb.From side dishes you can eat a little buckwheat and potatoes.Well, good and effective tool in the fight against atopic dermatitis will be apples yellow and green varieties, plums, pears.The berries can be eaten watermelons, cherries white grapes, gooseberries.Useful vegetables are: squash, pumpkin light varieties, squash and turnips.

meat should be consumed only in cooked form and then only lean pork and chicken.From cereal porridges are useful: barley, rice, semolina, oat.Salads can be refilled with olive and sunflower oils.Dairy products may also be useful in the treatment and prevention of atopic dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis diet

At first life event such as seborrheic dermatitis can occur in almost any complete family.In order to efficiently cure seborrheic dermatitis in humans, it is necessary to adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diet.

hypoallergenic diet for dermatitis seborrheic, represented as a diet intake of foods that are not able to cause an allergy (chicken, cheese, vegetables, green, etc.) With gradual addition of diet food products, and waiting two to three days to determine:if there is a food allergic reaction it or not ?!Otherwise, without complying with the hypoallergenic diet for seborrheic dermatitis cure its effectiveness is greatly reduced, or even disappear altogether.If seborrheic dermatitis touched toddler infant, the mother's diet during seborrheic dermatitis of the baby must also be strictly adhered to.

inadmissibility products are those foods that may have, or have a high allergenic activity: honey, eggs.

should also exclude sweet red fruits and certain vegetables (also red), which each can be assimilated by the body in different ways.It is considered unacceptable eating sausages, fatty broth, preservatives and smoked.

Diet for seborrheic dermatitis in their diet may include the following products: green and yellow varieties of sweet apples, dried fruits (apricots, prunes), pears.From vegetables can be safely consumed the pumpkin, cucumbers, greens, squash.Also possible is the use of homemade cheese, homemade yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese.Because meat is allowed: lean beef, rabbit, chicken.From side dishes in the form of porridge, you can eat: oatmeal, buckwheat and rice.You can not passirovki broth or olive oil.

diet with allergic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis itself is already causing the notion that the treatment it assumes a first use of the diet.As a rule, the occurrence of this type of dermatitis appears due to food intolerance, or as it is called, a food allergy.

diet with allergic dermatitis implies absolute exclusion of food allergens highly probable: citrus fruits, strawberries, sauerkraut, beans, nuts, coffee, seafood, chocolate and other similar in its effect food.

important element in the diet for dermatitis is also considered an exception to the food any substance that contains preservatives, emulsifiers, colorants.In addition, the Council fully exclude or severely limit nourishing fatty broth, salty, spicy, fried foods, because they help to increase the permeability of the gastrointestinal tract to allergens coming into it.

strictly be observed preparation technology, the terms and conditions of food storage;use fruits and vegetables that are grown without the use of fertilizers, vegetables and cereals soak in cold water for 10-15 hours, cook meat twice.And also need to limit your intake of sugar at least twice, and should also be significantly limit table salt.

addition, tap water in different cities of the country may not always conform to the standards prescribed for drinking water for patients with atopic dermatitis, because universal option considered buying a specialized purified water, or you can use water from the well-proven or key.

Diet for dermatitis in children

Diet in children who suffer from eczema, it is quite difficult, because dairy products - is the basis of their diet.

If your baby is found allergic to cow's milk, some of his power to exclude those products, whose composition is on or they are prepared on the basis of it.But we can say that most people who are allergic to cow's milk, very good tolerate goat's milk.If the child has an allergic reaction manifested on fruits and berries, remember that also can provoke aggravation and made from a mixture of them, purees and juices.

Diet mothers with atopic dermatitis should be chosen selectively, because it affects the formation of excessive sensitivity to the factors that cause allergies in her baby.

In seborrheic dermatitis in the child's diet is required to be in the limitation of the amount of fats, carbohydrates and salt.It is also particularly useful in those foods that are rich in vitamins B group and fiber plant.

diet food product during oral dermatitis seems to exclude all fried, fatty, spicy, smoked, meat and desserts, which ultimately determines the kind of hypoallergenic diet for dermatitis.In oral dermatitis is also important to give up the foods that are coarse fiber and spicy food, hot and spicy food, so as not to irritate the affected parts of the mucous membrane around the mouth.

is a unique diet for dermatitis Dühring.This is a disease in which there is increased sensitivity to the protein grains, called gluten, and it is associated with impaired digestion and assimilation.Because in the diet, mainly there are exceptions those foods that contain wheat and rye.

Diet for dermatitis in adults

in the treatment of dermatitis in adults has an important presence in the diet of certain components: unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that protect cell membranes from damage.

Recent studies have determined that consumption of food a certain amount of unsaturated fats reduces flaking, itching and eczema symptoms.The components of these substances are considered to be vegetable oils (such as linseed, pumpkin, olive, sunflower) and fish (especially tuna, cod, mackerel, trout, salmon, salmon);products with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Every day in the diet for dermatitis have to include at least one of the products that contain such mikroorganizmy- yogurt, kefir, sour milk.But remember that you need to use them with great caution, as fermented milk, even in the form of a strong allergen.If the use of milk, with this form of food intolerance is not possible in any of its form - in this case it is possible to try probiotics (medicinal preparations based on lactic bacteria and bifidobacteria);B vitamins are also considered important in a diet for dermatitis in adults - for example, pyridoxine - B6 known as the "King of the metabolic processes in the body" - is very helpful in stressful situations, which play a significant role in exacerbating dermatitis;acceptance of products containing zinc, is also very beneficial effect on the course of treatment, they are rich: pumpkin, brewer's yeast, whole grains.

to be deleted in the diet during the course of dermatitis in adults following products: whole milk, egg white.

The caution can be applied, or are gradually included in the diet after the main treatment: bee products, cocoa products, fish the river.You also need to very carefully included in the diet: shrimp, mussels, squid, peanuts, citrus fruits, rosehips, strawberries, tomatoes, wheat, soy products.

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