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Postpartum women

Postpartum women

post-partum women photos Postpartum women - the recovery period of the female body after childbirth.Suitable for postpartum period occurs at the 6 - 8 weeks.A period is considered normal if a woman's body returns to its usual state, with the exception of the mammary glands, which function as breast-feeding a baby. Physiology postpartum period, with favorable course of delivery, is characterized by a normal state of health.Breastfeeding mothers are of good appetite, sound sleep, a normal body temperature.In connection with the return to pre-natal position, aperture increases lung capacity, breathing deepens, the heart takes its position, normalizes blood pressure, heart rate and the blood, the uterus receives the original size.After birth, the inside of the uterus resembles an open wound with copious and is a large muscular bag of up to one kilogram.And by reducing the muscle, it decreases to 50 grams.In the early days the uterus contracts quickly and painfully, and in subsequent slower.In pervorozhavs

hih recovery of the uterus is faster and less painful.Rebounding and stretch the cervix, the channel narrows and takes the old form after three weeks.Three weeks later restored tone ureters.Since the restoration of menstruation varies depending on the breastfeeding baby.The maturation of eggs in the ovaries occurs within 49 days from the non-lactating and after 112 days in lactating women.Woman without pathologies can resume their sex life no earlier than 6 weeks.Postpartum women with a favorable course is not considered sick, but special treatment and care it needs.An important role is played by caring for your body and good hygiene.During this period, develop a sense of motherhood, rebuilt the behavior of women.But there is a number of unpleasant moments of psychological and physical nature

Problems of puerperium

- pathology of post-partum period (postpartum hypotonic and atonic bleeding, atony of the uterus, rupture of soft tissues in the birth canal, the delay in the uterus particles placental hematoma, uterine rupture, inversion of the uterus, tight attachment of the placenta, the violation of the reverse of the uterus)

- postpartum depression (emotional and behavioral changes in women)

- increases as a result of complications up to 38 degrees the temperature in the post-partum period (inflammation, purulent-septic processes orenhanced lactation - the arrival of milk in the mammary glands)

- the inner surface of the uterus resembles an open wound with copious (lochia)

- bleeding in the postpartum period lasts up to three weeks, and it is normal for healing (the first five days of bleeding is profuse bright bloody;6-10 hours abundant brown discharge;11-15 day isolation moderately - yellowish;16-20 hours scant whitish

- due to relaxation of the abdominal muscles and bowel sluggishness, women are prone to constipation (caused contribute to this hemorrhoids and anal fissure), so if necessary, every third day enema

- sagging bellyand the omission of the abdominal cavity (it is recommended to wear a bandage)

postpartum period in women is characterized by the flowering of the function of the mammary glands.On the second day after birth is an allocation of colostrum (viscous fluid), and the third day is milk production.The daily amount of milk increases gradually and gradually will be reduced to nine months after childbirth.For the prevention of hypogalactia (reduced milk production) need to adhere to a clear mode, be sure to get enough sleep, avoid stressful situations and the use of antibiotics, diuretics, hormones;drink tea with milk after each breastfeeding

Fitness postpartum

Exercise should be systematic, it is very important to reduce the uterus.Their essence is simple and lies in turning from side to side, pulling the legs to the abdomen, exercise "scissors" kicks, "bicycle", raising the pelvis supine.During the training you need to be careful not to damage the ligaments and joints.It is important to come up and give the load gradually.Pick a good bra size, to avoid stretch marks.Have patience and a good result will not take long.

Nutrition nutritious, varied, fortified, but with limited fiber.It is not recommended to overeat.It is useful in the diet include boiled veal, chicken, fish;boiled vegetables and fruit;low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt.Power woman gentle, gentle, mild, with salt restriction.Valid apples, raisins, nuts;apple juice, quince, plum.Be sure to drink a day to three liters of fluid

Health postpartum

Health postpartum period is a woman railing against infections.Germs can get into the genital area with the nearest parts of the body or hands dirty household items.It is therefore important to observe cleanliness.Part of me and wear cotton underwear, twice a day, hygienic water cleaning the genitals.Bra changed every day and before each feeding wash with soap and chest, and then be sure to express milk residues and in any case not pull his chest.Of great importance is post-discharge visits to the gynecologist.In the event of obstetric complications mandatory visit to the antenatal clinic.

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