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7 Weeks Pregnant

7 weeks of pregnancy

7 weeks of pregnancy photos For women, this period is characterized by the fact that the child in this period formed the two hemispheres of the brain, is gaining momentum in the development of the nervous system.The size of the head of the embryo is just half the size of the baby.Continues to form the 5 parts of the brain, and it is five bubbles.Developing lungs, kidneys and bronchi.The placenta ceases denser.By the end of 7 weeks of pregnancy will utero-placental blood flow and fetal vital processes such as eating and breathing will occur through the vessels of the umbilical cord and placenta.In the embryo still has a tail, which eventually disappear.At 7 weeks of pregnancy formed small palms, grow tiny fingers, shoulders and forearms are distinguishable.Hands begin to bend at the elbows and wrists.Formed iris eyes.Gradually narrowing the distance between the eyes a little, and there forever.Continues to form the inner and outer ear.In little face stands out clearly the upper lip and nose, nose and

nostrils appear.There is the emergence of milk teeth, the development of bone cells formed epidermis.The heart of the child becomes a four-chambered right and left atrium, continues to be formed cardio - vascular system of the baby (there are major blood vessels, arterial trunk is divided into the pulmonary artery and the aorta).Increasing the length of the intestine and the liver bile ducts appear, completes the formation of the large intestine, there is an appendix and pancreas produces insulin first, the endocrine glands are developing baby.During this period, the body is determined by the child's sex.Sex glands develop gradually or testicles - it's a boy or ovaries - it's a girl.The child gradually straightens and picks up speed growth.In 7 week gestation fetus to the size of 20 mm and a weight of 1 gram.

body is mom keeps all feel as hormonal changes.Status of women unstable and there are frequent mood swings.This period is critical and dangerous abortions.Therefore, to the condition to be treated carefully and listen to the sensations.Beware of spontaneous abortion should be women who have had during this period of SARS or influenza , having a malformation of the uterus, problems with the sexual organs, making earlier abortion, and was disturbed menstrual cycle.

On 7 week mucus from the cervix forms a mucous plug which protects the uterus from the vagina.It is the protection of the uterus and the baby from the outside world and the various invasions, and before the birth of the cork out of the cervix.The uterus continues to grow, and a woman may feel cramping and slight pain in the abdomen.A woman experiencing these feelings: lack of oxygen, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, salivation, abdominal distension, constipation s , breast tension, irritability.Be also careful with medication during this period, in order not to harm the baby.In the presence of blood in rhesus mothers "minus" and the Pope "plus" must be made on the Rh - blood antibody to prevent Rh - conflict.

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