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5 Weeks Pregnant

5 weeks of pregnancy

5 weeks of pregnancy photos At 5 weeks of pregnancy the baby look more like a cylinder of a length not exceeding 2.5 mm.The logic can be seen in cell division and can clearly see the location of the feet, head, back and stomach.Visible notochord and the neural tube (all future spine and spinal cord of the baby).

expands to the top of the neural tube - a type of brain.And its formation depends on the adoption of folic acid.In the center of the coil embryo tissue is formed the upper respiratory tract and the heart, which will begin to beat this week.Then gradually formed blood vessels, there are the first preconditions pancreatic gland and liver.The fetus resembles the shape of the letter "C".Along most of the neural tube segments formed fabric - this somites from which arise later muscle tissue, and other tissue structures.The embryo in a woman's body is protected by two shells.This is the yolk sac, which resembles a large bubble.This bag blood cells are produced, and the bag and the membrane have a

size of 1 cm. At the 5th week of pregnancy, it is already possible to distinguish the head from the tail of the child.It feels that the woman had been previously added new ones.It can be frequent headaches and urination, loss of appetite, and nausea and vomiting, and drowsiness.Chances desire woman pickles, marinades and new gastronomic delights.There hormonal changes in women.But there is a happy woman, who knows not what toxemia.But, if this is not your case, then hold on!Relief comes after 12 weeks.If toxemia still gives you trouble - consult a gynecologist and not self-medicate.In the first trimester of pregnancy before the 13th week is a risk in women miscarriage

cause miscarriage

This is due to the fact that the embryo is developing rapidly, and the woman is still the same normal life and does not listen to their feelings, as well asoverwork, a lot of running, lifting weights, sports is a way of life and an active sex life, making sudden movements;inadvertently falls, especially during the ice;nervous for any reason, is in stress, he refuses to eat and lose weight dramatically.All this adversely affects the child and the body is in a critical situation gets rid of it

preventing miscarriage

How to maintain pregnancy to 5 week without changing anything fundamentally in their lives, many women wonder.But, unfortunately, impossible.Female body is strictly individual and all behave differently feel during pregnancy.And many have to sacrifice their way of life worked out, and her work schedule, change the working conditions and the usual diet, some women leave work temporarily and need to go to the hospital to save.All this is strictly individual.Special attention to the pregnancy should be taken in the presence of miscarriages in the past.The most dangerous period is necessary to wait (stale) as much as possible at home or in the hospital.The fact is that the body stores the time of miscarriage and the probability of its repetition during this period.To avoid this, the drug is prescribed for women "papaverine hydrochloride" candles "Viburkol" candles Nospanum in tablets and injections, valerian tablets.To resort to drugs should be immediately in case of pain in the lower abdomen, not passively waiting for the normalization of state.If this does not help, and the pain intensified and began spotting , the urgent need to call an ambulance and go to the hospital to save.

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