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4 Weeks Pregnant

4 weeks of pregnancy

4 Weeks Pregnant Photo At 4 weeks of pregnancy in the expectant mom converts ovum into an embryo, which is already attached to the uterine wall and completely "digs" into it.The fourth week of pregnancy is very important for the fetus.It is now developing embryonic organs (yolk sac, chorion, amnion) that provide breathing, eating, comprehensive protection and support biochemical baby.Chorion is involved in the generation of the placenta and the amnion - is the formation of membranes.During implantation, the outer cells begin to divide and introduced into the uterus, where grow, thereby forming blood vessels, turning over time into the placenta.From embryonic nodule will form the future of the human body, and has from the surface of cells formed amniotic bubble, the placenta, the umbilical cord.The placenta will carry oxygen-rich blood from the expectant mother in the child's umbilical cord vein and arteries take away from toxins and decomposition products.The placenta takes over the function of

the kidneys, lungs, and digestive organs and acts as a filter against harmful substances and bacteria.The placenta formed bioactive elements and hormones are involved in development of the fetus.The umbilical cord is the connecting link between the body of the baby and placenta.Tightrope pupovidnomu bleeding from mom to baby and vice versa.Thus, the future man arranges nest and is growing rapidly.At week 4 future mom begins to understand about the joyous event in her life, because the feeling the first signs of pregnancy.Signs of pregnancy at week 4: delayed menstruation, weakness emerged drowsiness, dizziness, morning sickness with vomiting, mood swings, unexplained irritability, fatigue, depression , apathy, "metallic" taste in your mouth, a change of eating habits,frequent urination, vaginal , as well as enlargement and breast tenderness.All this is a consequence of new enzymes and hormonal changes in the body of the future mother, who once again speak about the success of conception and the fact of pregnancy.

And to confirm the position of interesting swipe at home test to detect pregnancy.It is not difficult.Buy a test at the drugstore and follow the instructions strictly.If you have a pregnancy test will be positive, as in the body, a new hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin.It should be noted that the optimal time for the test - the fifth week, now is the level of human chorionic gonadotropin ceases above.

important to remember that the first few weeks of pregnancy are very responsible and critical in the development of the future baby.Follow all doctor's prescription, and contentious issues to discuss and negotiate more detail.Started the embryonic period of the child, he is the most dangerous and will last up to 10 weeks.And as far as everything goes well - it depends on the outcome of the pregnancy itself.

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