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2 weeks of pregnancy

2 week pregnancy

2 week pregnancy photos In the second week of pregnancy a woman's body is still ready for fertilization, it is the very last days before the natural conception.The woman's ovaries the egg is determined - the leader.It is in a fluid-filled vesicle graafovom.At the end of the second week graafovy bubble becomes so large that it will perform above the surface of the ovary.This is the case of the preparation for ovulation and then mature egg is released from the ovary alone into the abdominal cavity.Next fall the egg in the fallopian tube, where it realized a meeting with active sperm.If fertilization does not occur, the egg just die

How to calculate the day of conception?

If monthly cycle lasts 28 days, and the critical days do not exceed five days, you can be sure that conception occurs in the region of 14-15 days.But as a woman's body - is an individual, then be prepared for the changes and disruptions in the calculation of a favorable day.The main thing - do not lose courage and patience.At the

moment you are not pregnant, but it can happen the other day.Now it is important not to miss a chance, which is great.The second week - is the most favorable time to pregnancy.This happens in the last days of the second week, or in the very first days of next week.You have only two days for the desired pregnancy.

Depending on the health of man and his individual characteristics favorable for conception recommend a short break in the sexual life (three days), which will produce enough sperm.In front of the sexual act, the purpose of which is fertilization of the egg, not recommended for women sterile careful care of the sexual organs.This is important in order not to disturb the acidity of the vagina.In particular, this applies to douching.Suffice it to normal hygiene procedures, because sperm are very sensitive to changes finicky and chemical composition of the vagina.The most favorable position for the conception of the child is a "classic" or knee - elbow where the man from behind.And will increase the likelihood of conception, provided that the woman will remain for 20-30 minutes to lie down and put a pillow under the lumbar region

Power before conception

very important before conception to diversify your diet, enrich it with fruit and vegetables, maximum enrich,but to give up fatty foods and convenience foods, spices and seasoning chemicals, genetically modified foods.Avoid soft cheeses, pates and frozen foods, canned foods, pies, pastries, refined foods, sugary carbonated beverages chemicals, dyes and fragrances in products, as well as alcohol (drunk birth - does not slip).It is necessary to forget for a diet (remember that patients with anorexia - are sterile).Eating should be frequently up to 6 times per day, preferably in small portions while slowly.By following these simple rules - you can get pregnant, to make a long-awaited pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

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