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1 week of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy photos Obstetric pregnancy calendar begins with the first day of the last critical (monthly days), even when a woman is not pregnant.This is because the beginning of a new cycle, which contributed to the birth of a new life.And if you are planning a pregnancy, this week for you is very important.Now is the time when you need to prepare for conception.

According to statistics, a woman becomes pregnant on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle.This midcycle.But the point of reference obstetric or forty weeks of the last menstrual period is considered the beginning.Therefore, the peculiarities of conception and fetal development more accurate to say the third week of pregnancy.During this period, the central nervous system of the future mother is very active rebuilds hormones to prepare for one egg to fertilize.

this week is called the first, because it is in this period he formed the prototype of the future baby.The ideal woman for six months is necessary to conduct a set of prevent

ive measures to improve their health.Inside the woman happens the birth of a new life, so the measures taken to preserve the health, it is now important.If you have not done this before - start right now

recommendations of medical specialists :

1. It is necessary to give up alcohol, nicotine, and even eliminate passive smoking.The woman is very bad to be with people smoking.

2. Any medication before you take, you should first discuss with your doctor.After all, it can adversely affect the egg and the embryo.Self-medication may adversely affect future pregnancies.The desired information on the impact of drugs on the fetus can see if seeking antenatal care planning pregnancy.

3. It is necessary to eliminate the X-ray examinations, particularly with regard to the area of ​​the abdomen and pelvis.

4. Expectant mother is recommended to take vitamin B6 (folic acid), which is contained in the following products: spinach, asparagus, carrots, egg yolks, apricots, pumpkin.It is advisable to three months before the desired pregnancy and in the first three months of taking "Vitrum Prenatal") or "Multi-tabs Perinatal."This product contains 0.4 mg of folic acid required to the fetus from various defects.

5. It is necessary to limit the stay of women in public places to protect against infection infectious diseases (measles, acute respiratory infections).These infections are more dangerous to the fetus.If contact with sick, be sure to take preventive measures.Your task is to keep your health, avoiding the possibility of contracting infectious diseases.

6. Avoid emergencies and stress.Take care of your mental health.Communicate only with positive people and have more positive emotions.

7. Analyze your professional activity in the presence of harm to the unborn child.And it is all sorts of radiation, exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic effects.

8. It is not recommended during pregnancy planning start pets.But if you already have pets at home, it is very desirable to survey pets at the vet.Conduct mandatory vaccination of animals and thus protect themselves from infection

9. During the period of planning pregnancy should limit or refuse the use of strong coffee and tea, do not abuse chocolate, sodas and colas

10.Buduschey mother is recommended to visit a gynecologist even ifthat at the moment do not care health.It is recommended that a consultation with a physician-geneticist, an age of 35-year-old crossed the line

These tips should observe the entire period of pregnancy, because the two of you!

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