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Gastrocardiac syndrome: causes and treatment

gastrocardiac syndrome: causes and treatment

Gastrocardiac syndrome gastrocardiac syndrome (syndrome-Houdin Remhelda) - the body's reflex response to stimulation of the receptors of the esophagus, stomach or intestine.Occurs when the fullness of the stomach (after eating), so that irritate the mucous membrane of the cardiac department, reflexively associated with heart (symptoms of patients regarded as a heart attack).For the first time the syndrome was described in 1912 Remhelda and is classified as a special form of neurosis heart


In most reported cases, the complaints appear almost immediately after eating (in some cases, the attack appears after receiving abundant fatty foods, other- after ingestion of liquid food, or a large amount of liquid).There are pronounced pain in the heart and chest, significantly quickens the heart rate, the feeling "of the frozen heart," which is then followed by galloping rhythm (tachycardia).Typical symptoms include weakness, dizziness, increased blood pressure, pale

ness, anxiety, cold sweats.Belching or vomiting (called force) in most cases much easier this state.

When diagnosing gastrocardiac syndrome, first of all it is necessary to differentiate a hiatal hernia, ulcers and stomach cancer


decisive importance in the treatment of this disease is the observance of proper food regime: the food should be taken fractionally smallportions at frequent intervals (completely eliminate overeating or one-time use of large amounts of fluid!), the last day meals should be no later than three hours before bedtime.Because the diet is necessary to exclude products that can cause flatulence.When constipation necessary to normalize the bowels.Appointed herbal sedatives, and when symptoms arose gastrocardiac reflex - antispasmodics (by injection).Research stomach gastroscope or probe is highly undesirable.

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