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Diarrhea (diarrhea)

diarrhea (diarrhea)

diarrhea Diarrhea - a rapid (less once) bowel movements, with the release of liquid stool associated with the acceleration of the passage of intestinal contents due to malabsorption of water colon enhance peristalsis,and consequently release a significant amount of the intestinal wall or inflammatory transudate secretion.In most cases, diarrhea (diarrhea) is a symptom of enteritis or acute / chronic colitis.

Diarrhea divided into:

- Nutritional diarrhea.Arise due to allergic reactions to any - or kinds of food, or eating disorders.

- Infectious diarrhea.Is a consequence of food poisoning, salmonella, dysentery, amoebiasis, viral diseases, and so forth.

- dyspeptic diarrhea.Arise due to insufficient release of certain enzymes in the small intestine, secretion of pancreatic insufficiency, stomach and liver, as well as - for the digestion of food masses disorders.

- Neurogenic diarrhea.Arise as a result of disorders of the nervous regulation of motor activity of the intestine (

under the influence of excitement or fear).

- Toxic diarrhea.There may be a result of poisoning with mercury or arsenic, and accompany uremia.

- Medication diarrhea.There are a result of the suppression of the physiological intestinal flora and on the background of dysbiosis.

also distinguish acute and chronic diarrhea:

Acute diarrhea

Proceeds for at least three weeks and is the result of infections and parasitic infestations (lyambioza, amebiasis, cholera, salmonellosis, dysentery, trichinosis and so forth.) And endogenousexogenous intoxications (by poisonous fungi, mercury, arsenic, as well as in uremia), the effects of different drugs (certain types of antibiotics, laxatives, Adonis and so on.), and also due to food allergies

Chronic diarrhea

may be intermittent or constant flow and over months and sometimes even years.There in ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, chronic pancreatitis, ischemic colitis, syndrome of malabsorption and digestive syndrome Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, endocrine disorders (pheochromocytoma, diabetes, thyrotoxicosis), colon cancer, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, functional intestinal diseases, parasiticand infectious diseases (ascariasis, dysbiosis, infection Campo bacteria ierseenioze etc.).As chronic diarrhea may be a consequence of various surgical operations (resection of the pancreas, stomach, intestines and vagotomy)

course and symptoms of diarrhea

nature of feces depends on the disease.Stool frequency can be varied and mushy stool or watery.So for example when amebiasis, stool contains blood and mucus glassy;dysentery - first stool is sufficiently dense consistency and then becomes liquid and poor, it appears blood and mucus.Also, diarrhea can be accompanied by pain in the abdomen and bloating, rumbling, feeling transfusion.In some cases fever, nausea and vomiting.

non-durable light diarrhea is almost no effect on the general condition of the patients, but chronic and severe in most cases lead to a significant depletion, pronounced changes in the internal organs, hypovitaminosis.

to establish the cause of the diarrhea is conducted bacteriological research and scatological.In the case of the slightest suspicion of food poisoning, salmonella and cholera - patients subject to immediate hospitalization in infectious department

treatment of diarrhea

Since diarrhea is not an independent disease, but only a consequence of - a violation of the body, treatment is aimed at eliminatingthe root causes of its occurrence.For example, in pancreatic insufficiency shows the use of enzyme preparations (mezim forte, festal, Creon, and so forth.).It shows the chemical / mechanical light diet with mandatory except for food products that can enhance the secretory and motor - evacuation function.To restore eubiosis use antibacterial agents that do not disturb the equilibrium of the microbial flora in the gut (nifuroxazide, intetriks etc.).Apply a variety of antibiotics (hilak fort bifikol, Linex, bifidumbakterin, enterol, laktobakterin etc.).As symptomatic treatment using bismuth preparations, tanalbin, calcium supplements;decoctions of roots coil herb St. John's wort, oak bark, cinquefoil, cherry fruit, chamomile flowers and so on. Apply binders, coating and adsorption means (Tanna computer, smectite, etc.).To slow down intestinal peristalsis used antispasmodics (bkus Copan, papaverine, no-spa).Also a good antidiarrheal effect has drug Imodium (loperamide), which is due to exposure to the opiate receptors reduces intestinal motility and tone (used in motor disorders, gastroenteritis).

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