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Mallory-Weiss syndrome

Mallory-Weiss syndrome

Weiss syndrome photo Syndrome Mallory - Weiss - longitudinal crack in the gastric mucosa, which is the source of the gastro - intestinal bleeding.In most cases, the syndrome manifests itself after ingestion of large doses of alcohol or receive sufficiently large amounts of food.

According to statistical data, the syndrome of Mallory - Weiss is the cause of about 10% of bleeding gastro - intestinal tract.Most often the syndrome occurs in males aged 45 - 65 years who are prone to alcohol abuse

Syndrome Mallory - Weiss causes of

In most cases, the syndrome is caused by increase of pressure in the upper gastrointestinal tract (gastro - intestinal tract) that leads to rupture mucosa gastro - intestinal transition.The reasons for increasing the pressure include: hiccups, cough, vomiting (occurs due to overeating, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, pregnancy, etc.), Cardio - pulmonary resuscitation, diaphragmatic hernia, damage to the esophagus during fibroe

zofagogastroduodenoskopii, blunt abdominal trauma (traffic accidents, falls from heights, hit in the abdomen)

Syndrome Mallory - Weiss symptoms

Clinically this syndrome is manifested by the presence of fragments in the vomit blood (often with clots).At the same time, the observed blood in the first bouts of vomiting may be completely absent, as manifested only after the rupture of the mucous membrane.Patients in addition to vomiting with blood may be present pain in the abdomen and a black chair.

Diagnosis is based on the results obtained during the endoscopic examination.Also during endoscopy at the same time measures are being taken to contain and stop the bleeding

Syndrome Mallory - Weiss treatment

During fibroezofagogastroduodenoskopii, in case of bleeding rupture of esophageal mucosa, especially attempts to stop this bleeding endoscopically, which is used: argon - plasma coagulation, bleeding obkalyvanie place adrenaline, electrocoagulation, clipping of vessels, ligation of vessels, the introduction of sklerazantov.

syndrome Mallory - Weiss also used conservative therapy, which aims to restore blood volume.For these purposes, use different colloid (aminoplazmal, albumin and so forth.) And kristaloidnye (5% dextrose, Ringer rr etc.) Solutions.In the case of blood loss severe enough blood transfusion is used (fresh frozen plasma, packed red blood cells).When retching (vomiting) used Reglan (metoclopramide).To stop the bleeding a probe Blackmore.It is also used to stop bleeding calcium chloride, oktreatid, aminocaproic acid, sodium etamzilat.

Surgery Syndrome Mallory - Weiss law applies only if there was achieved the desired results during the endoscopic treatment and conservative treatment.This method of treatment is to conduct gastrotomy and sewing of bleeding vessels.

forecast later in life with the syndrome of Mallory - Weiss quite favorable.In most cases, the bleeding stopped fails.

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