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Disease Margelona

disease Margelona

disease margelona photo disease Margelona until recently has not been accepted and studied by official science, and patients who complained of incessant crawling under their skin unknown creatures, doctors do not hesitate to send in a madhouse,because they were sure that patients serious mental disorder.

In fact, it turned out that the infectious agent Margelona - it is until recently unknown to modern science fungus retains its vitality even in the ultra-low temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C), which in the event of a favorable environment for it (the human body), causing this terrible disease.According to statistics, the world has about twenty thousand people are infected with the disease.There are suggestions that the fungus-pest was formed in the process of mutation that occurred as a result of any environmental changes.

Some scholars have speculated on the relationship of developing the disease Margelona with genetically modified foods (GMOs) and in all blame plasmids containing transg

enes plants and animals.Such plasmids opuholeobrazuyuschie resemble soil bacteria used in the process of introduction of foreign genes biotech GMO

Margelona disease - symptoms

Margelona The disease begins with an unbearable itching and sensation below the skin that something is moving.The degree of suffering of patients with the disease Margelona healthy person is very difficult to imagine - the parasite penetrates into all the soft tissues of the human body: the nervous, connective, muscle and affects the brain.Definitely their symptoms and suffering people are not able to describe what makes it difficult to correct diagnosis.Most people develop chronic depression.

As the penetration of the parasite in different parts of the body, symptoms vary, even more difficult to recognize the disease due to the fact that the doctor is trained to put a diagnosis on a number specific to each disease symptoms.If the patient comes to him with the presence of symptoms of several tens of diseases, doctor, almost without thinking, diagnoses of mental illness, writing off the whole complex of symptoms in the protective reaction of the organism as a result of the breakdown.With a sense of accomplishment therapist covers history, sending the patient to a psychiatrist.

person with the disease Margelona complains that directly from his skin crawl and then crawl back, or go out and fly some strange creatures.Mental and moral condition of the patient can not be put into words, the person is on the verge of real insanity.Many people suffer from the disease Margelona commit suicide.

Penetrating under the human skin, the fungus-pest begins to multiply rapidly enough to form below the skin growth in the final product in the form of "live" threadlike tissue that cut the skin dotted with sharp spines.Sometimes the end product of mutations and growth are rapidly changing their shape insects (by flying, crawling up).The various manifestations of the disease Margelona suggest that there is not one substance pervoiskhodnaya parasite causing the disease or parasite lies within one mutation of different programs.

causative agent Margelona (as the "insect", and fiber) practically does not react to any chemicals in a safe and healthy person concentration, so any drug exposure is ineffective and only slowly weakens and poisons the body in which the parasite smoothly continues to evolve.

However, despite the good resistance of drugs, the parasite strongly reacts to a magnetic field that initially blocking its growth, and then destroys.Taking into account this fact, we can assume with great certainty that the process of synthesizing the energy of a living cell in the nature of this parasite is absent.During the microscopic analysis, it was found that the parasite to its communication emits a faint light (bio-electrical nature).If the skin does not remove the parasitic fiber, they soon will try to get back under the skin

Why Margelona pathogen does not cause inflammation?

I would like to consider another interesting fact that in terms of contemporary classical medical physiology can not be explained.The presence and development within the human body does not cause foreign body protective acute inflammation.Inflammatory phenomena are very reasonable and this raises serious concerns.

in the immune system of the human body there is a kind of mechanism for recognizing the presence of organic foreign substances "- another's."That is due to the presence of this mechanism, without exception, people who have undergone organ transplants, are forced into a large number of lifetime to take strong immunosuppressants.If an adequate response of the organism, foreign protein substance in the shortest time will be tagged with the "foreign" and around the inflammation, aimed at blocking the decomposition and subsequent withdrawal from the body (tissue) of a foreign body.

Therefore in this case there may be two scenarios - Margelona parasite blocks the immune defense of the body, or it is perceived as "his."Small parasites block the entire immune system is very difficult, but to pass himself off "their" quite realistic, when used in synthesizing its own protein protein of the host, without changing the structure of a protein borrowed.

Some people argue that just before the onset of the disease were observed strange small moving substance near the house, or inside it.Even experienced doctors ill illness Margelona not been able to identify parasites.

disease lasts for many years (ten years or more).During all those long agonizing years, people have tried unsuccessfully to recover, taking disease Margelona for parasitic skin lesions.After a long external and internal cleansing of the body, can be completely free from the symptoms of the disease.I would like to clarify - to get rid of the symptoms, it does not mean to fully recover, since the results of detailed studies of the blood of many people, almost all of us are carriers of parasitic fiber

disease Margelona - treatment

disease treatment Margelona today is purely symptomaticcharacter.Users, carriers of the disease, intolerable suffering.Burning and itching at times so intolerable that they by all means try to get rid of them (pustules cauterize with a hot iron, etc.).

Some patients after treatment with detoxification, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal drugs cease to feel all this terrible symptoms and sent home relatively healthy.Unfortunately, however, say with certainty that the disease will not come back again, you can not.

Due to the fact that while the cases of the disease Margelona are isolated, very difficult to say what is the cause of the infection.In spite of this, we can with certainty that one of the main roles is played by a reduced immune defense.Therefore, to prevent the disease, doctors recommend Margelona avoid stress, timely rest, eat a balanced, observe the rules of hygiene, tempering the body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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