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lethargy photo Latin adage says that most clearly certain in life is death, but the uncertainty is an hour of life.But in life there are situations when there is no real way to determine a clear line between life and death.Speech in this article will focus on the lethargic sleep as one of the most misunderstood states of the organism, paranormal scientists from around the world.What is lethargic?

lethargy - a painful condition of the person is very close and similar to sleep, which is characterized by immobility, lack of response to any external stimuli, as well as a sharp decline in all the outward signs of life.

lethargic sleep can have a duration of a few hours and take up to several weeks, and only in rare cases up to several months, years.Lethargy observed in a hypnotic state

lethargy - the reasons

reasons for lethargy are the conditions such as hysteria, cachexia - anorexia, severe anxiety, stress

signs of lethargy

asleep human to distinguish from the deadit is very difficult.Im

perceptible breath, body temperature becomes the same as the environment;palpitations barely noticeable (up to 3 beats per min.).

awoke, the man immediately catches your calendar age.People grow old lightning

lethargy - symptoms

When lethargic consciousness of the sleeping is usually preserved and patients perceive and memorize everything around, but can not respond to it.

should be able to distinguish and highlight the disease from encephalitis, as well as narcolepsy.In the most severe cases, the picture appears apparent death, when the skin becomes cold and pale, and the pupils really fail to respond to light, while breathing and pulse feels hard, lowers blood pressure, and increased pain stimuli are not able to cause any reactions.For several days sick do not drink or eat, there comes a cessation of urine and feces, is a sharp weight loss and dehydration.

only in mild cases of sleep present immobility, even breathing, muscle relaxation, rare flinching eyelids and eyeballs rolling up.Ability to retain the possibility of swallowing and chewing and swallowing.Part of the ability to store and perception of the environment.If unable to maintain the feeding process of the body is carried out using a probe.

Symptoms difficult definable and what nature they would not be, there are many unanswered questions.

Some doctors attribute the disease to metabolic disorders, while others are considered one of the pathologies of sleep.Based on the latest version began studies American doctor Eugene Azerinskim.The doctor brought an interesting pattern: in the phase of REM sleep the human body is like a motionless mummies and only half an hour later a man begins to toss and turn, turn around, and say the words.And if at this time there will be an awakening of man, it will be very quick and easy.After this awakening asleep remember what he dreamed.Later, this phenomenon is explained as follows: in REM sleep activity of the nervous system are extremely high.It is the phase of shallow, superficial sleep pripadaet variety lethargy.Therefore, leaving this state, patients are able to describe in detail what happened when they were supposedly unconscious.

due to prolonged immobility because people sleep returns to the world with a bouquet of diseases (bedsores, atrophy of the vessels, septic kidney disease, and bronchial tubes).photo lethargy

longest lethargy occurred with the 34-year-old Hope Swan, after a quarrel with her husband.Woman asleep in a state of shock and slept for 20 years.This case is recorded in the Guinness book.

lethargy Gogol was wrongly perceived as a death.This witness found scratches on the inner lining of the coffin and fragments of tissues were under the nails, and body position was changed to a brilliant writer

lethargy - treatment

problem and treatment is currently available.Since the late 1930s began to use short-term revival in this way: first administered intravenously sleeping pills, and then stimulating drug.This method of treatment allows a living corpse for ten minutes to recover.It proved to be effective in the treatment of hypnosis.

Often people after waking claim to be the owners of unusual abilities: talking in a foreign language, began to read the thoughts, and to heal diseases.

To this day, the frozen state of the body - is a mystery.Presumably - an inflammation of the brain that makes the body tired and he fell asleep.

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