Pain during the eruption of primary teeth.

Rarely who first teeth appear without any problems.Typically, this process is accompanied by not only the pain and swelling of the gums at the location where the expected appearance of the tooth.The child may experience a runny nose the day before, to change the chair, increase body temperature and worsen salivation, change overall.The kid does not sleep, naughty, she refuses to eat, all the while pulling the handle and toys in his mouth.What help the crumbs at a time?


  • 1 not insist on eating
  • 2 Distracting procedures
  • 3 prevent infection
  • 4 local funds for anesthesia
  • 5 Homeopathy is to help parents
  • 6 syrup temperature

Nothing bad will happen if the child is a couple of days will eat less than usual.The main thing - to ensure adequate intake of fluid in the body in the form of warm water, teas, herbal infusions, fruit compotes.This is especially important if the baby's body temperature rises.Breastfeeding often Put your baby to the breast, this food minimizes pain to

the child and soothes it.

Do not leave your baby alone with your problem, distract his games, do not expose this dirty mouth objects that a child happy is tasting.Traumatized easily infected gums and inflammation gets worse.It can be cooled in the refrigerator special teethers and give the baby to chew on them.Solid pieces of apples, pears, carrots, that gnaws and chews baby gums will help to break and facilitate the eruption of the tooth.In a later age ice cream gives a great cooling effect on inflamed and swelling of the gum, but do not be too often use this method.

In the place where it is expected the appearance of a tooth, the gums become red, swollen, painful tissue and can be easily injured even more inflamed, if not met oral hygiene.Use of the day for prophylactic treatment of mucosa by spray Miramistin help combat microbes.A decoction of chamomile not only has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.It can be used as a mouthwash and drinking.Oral hygiene and teeth have emerged should be carried out carefully, without damaging the swollen tissue.But give it up is not necessary.The presence of abundant plaque on teeth can weight the inflammation.

There is a large variety of applicative tools that should be applied to reddened gums before and after meals 2-3 times a day:

Note that gels with lidocaine should not be applied to breastfeeding, t. To. In contact with the drug onLanguage disturbed sensitivity and sucking difficult.

Raising the temperature in the complex manifestations of the syndrome teething - quite acceptable response the child's body.In most cases the temperature rises in the evening or at night.The thermometer above 38 C is a signal to help the baby.Try it undress, wipe water use homeopathic remedies.With the ineffectiveness of all the activities you can give the child any child antipyretic syrup - Nurofen, Efferalgan, Panadol.These funds not only bring down the body temperature, but also relieve pain.The child will be able to sleep until morning.

eruption of primary teeth in children takes a period of 5-6 months to 2-2.5 years.The larger the expected tooth, the greater the chance to watch all the signs of the syndrome baby tooth eruption.If at the same time there are several teeth, for the child's body is a lot of stress.Therefore, parents can recommend patience, in all possible ways to help your child medication, but the love and care of close people one does not replace the crumbs.All unpleasant moments associated with the emergence of new teeth will be held as soon as they appear in the mouth.