Night gnashing of teeth in children.

In dentistry, there is a concept "bruxism" - a strong jaw clenching until grinding.It occurs in both children and adults.According to some estimates, about 50% of children sooner or later face the same problem, causing parents to worry and look for the cause of night "habit."


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gritting his teeth are not only a sign of stress or worms in a child with his appearance increases the risk of damage to the teeth and the development of joint disease, propelling the mandible.

under strong pressure exerted by the teeth on one another, may appear cracked enamel, crown margins cleave or deleted (long existence of bruxism).

child may wake up in the morning tired and sleepy, with headache or toothache caused by prolonged muscle tension and mutual pressure jaws.

Of course, before starting treatment need to find out the cause of the night gritting his teeth to pass fecal worm eggs and entero

biasis, seek advice from a pediatrician, neurologist, allergist (for allergy), the dentist.If the child is determined on the teeth black film around the necks of the teeth in the form of a thin ring, it may be possible additional feature helminthic infestations or problems with the gastrointestinal tract.When referring to the neurologist usually prescribed conducting EEG, check fundus, prescribe a blood test for calcium.

Nocturnal teeth grinding

If your child is anxious, sensitive, family - changes associated with the birth of another child, or he's just going through stress, "brought" from kindergarten, it is not superfluous to the appointment of sedative herbs and compliance with the recommendations of behavior at bedtime:

Gritting his teeth - is often a short-term problem and is associated with temporary factors.If you do not pay attention to this signal in time, such a habit will remain with the child for a long time.Some parents themselves suffer from bruxism, and do not consider it a disease.Moreover, the similarity with their baby and his habits is sometimes a cause for pride.In the development of children are no trifles, and nocturnal teeth grinding have to force parents to become more attentive, sensitive to the child to ask his problems or seek help from a specialist.Take care of your health and the health of your children!

about what to do if your teeth at night creaking, in the "Live healthy!»:

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