Biting the cheek - Causes and Treatment

Chronic cheek biting occurs most often in chewing teeth - molars.The reasons for this can be many.The appearance of the injured portion of the cheek teeth, some patients find after waking up, others - after a meal.In any case, chronic injury of the mucous membrane is one of the factors contributing to the development of precancerous conditions, so it is time to eliminate the causes of this phenomenon.


  • 1 Nervous tension, stress
  • 2 Bruxism
  • 3 Wisdom teeth
  • 4 Defective seals
  • 5 Malocclusion teeth
  • 6 Orthopedicdesign
  • 7 Anesthesia
  • 8 Treatment

Injury cheeks can be a bad habit.When a person is nervous, under stress, excitement, tension, involuntary movements may occur, action.Biting of the lips or cheeks is common among children and adolescents, at least - in adults.You have to understand that to a large extent against such a habit rests on the shoulders of the patient.It is recommended in such situations receive sedatives: valerian tincture, motherwort, peony, home

opathic medicines.

Some people dream greatly compress the jaw before the squeak or rattle.The causes of bruxism are many.For example, children are often seen as parasitic infestation, the adult - stress, skin diseases, temporomandibular joint, overwork, a genetic predisposition.As a result of this phenomenon is not only a sense of muscle fatigue, compressible jaw, especially in the morning hours, but there are injuries of the mucosa.Teeth are erased, reduced height of the lower third of the face, deepening facial wrinkles.When bruxism cheekbiting may not always occur, but only the displacement of the jaws relative to each other.

Very often the last molars, or wisdom teeth erupt atypically: tilted to the side, displacement of the dental arch, bend.At position "eights" crown towards the cheek last "covers" tooth completely, whereby during the clamping jaws gets between the teeth.This is clearly felt at the time of active chewing movements during eating.Such biting can be quite deep, painful and with constant injury and joining such sites inflamed mucosa, delivering a lot of discomfort to man.

If biting cheeks appeared after dental treatment, setting seals in chewing teeth, we can assume the role of a doctor in the development of such a process.Especially if you have been treated several posterior teeth, as a result of the changed ratio of dentition.Upper and lower teeth have certain anatomical features clearly marked bumps and fissures in contact with each other according to certain rules.If the seal is placed without complying with these features, the violation is inevitable closure teeth as possible cheek biting as a result.

There are physiological and pathological forms bite.By moving one of the jaw to the side relative to the other (cross-bite) is often observed entering the cheek between the teeth at the time of clamping jaws.Normally, the upper teeth are somewhat lower as the outside of the anterior and laterally.In case of violation of the ratio of the cheeks always fall between the teeth.

Restoring teeth and gaps in a number of crowns, bridges, removable and fixed structures is carried out according to certain rules.In difficult anatomical or physiological situations to make the prosthesis is quite difficult, and wearing it gives the patient a lot of negative feelings.The reason for this can be severe atrophy of alveolar processes, special relief palate, its depth and shape.Of course, from medical errors patient is insured.If after setting the prosthesis has been a steady hit cheek between the teeth and injury, it is best to turn to the dentist.Perhaps it will be enough just podshlifovat edge of the prosthesis, or have to redo it again.

the treatment of teeth using injection anesthesia.The solution was injected into the soft tissue at the location of the maxillary nerve.Usually it is sufficient 0.5-1.7 ml of the drug for pain control group of teeth, but in some cases, the doctor adds 1-2 ml.As a result of numbness persists for about 3-4 hours, cheek is not only loses its sensitivity, but somewhat thicker due to drug administration.Eating at this time can cause severe damage to the teeth, buccal mucosa, which have treated more than one week.Therefore, doctors recommend to refrain from chewing during the period of freezing.

acute injury as a result of biting the cheek after anesthesia treated locally.Prescribe anti-inflammatory, healing ointments, oils.At great depths of defeat spend application of enzymes.If the reason for biting the cheek in the wrong location wisdom tooth, you can try to ground-(round) mounds of sharp edges of the tooth or remove it.When permanent injury mucosa after treatment the teeth or prosthetic best to consult a dentist.Overbite requires correction.Deleting a single tooth in this case will not solve the problem.It should be long wearing orthodontic appliances (braces, plates) to change the position of the teeth.Nervous tension, stress, excitement can try to shoot at night with the help of soothing baths with sea salt, herbs.If in some cases, bruxism mouth guards are made on the teeth to be worn at night, which do not give the patient greatly compress the jaw and cheek biting.

order to identify the reasons for the constant biting cheeks need to see a doctor.Starting treatment better with conservative methods, gentle, and at their inefficiency - kills the tooth fillings or dentures change.