Malocclusion in children: what to do if crooked teeth?

in children as in adults, rare to find a perfectly straight teeth.Often there is a slight tilt or rotation of individual teeth in a row, extension or offset to the side.Such violations of the teeth may not be visible to others, but the doctors are obvious.Correct bite - it's not 100% perfect ratio of the teeth and jaws.There are limits to this "correctness", in terms of tolerance and figures.About malocclusion say when such violations are not only visible to the people around, they cause discomfort to the patient and are accompanied by functional disorders - speech, chewing, swallowing.When teeth grow crooked, depending on the age of the child the doctor uses a variety of ways of their alignment - on removable plates to the brackets.The most effective treatment for children up to 16 years.Malocclusion called deviation from the normal clamping the upper and lower teeth.


  • 1 open bite
    • 1.1 Signs:
  • 2 Mesial occlusion (progeny)
    • 2.1 Signs:
  • 3 distal occlusion (prognathism)
    • 3.1 Signs:
  • 4 overbite
    • 4.1 Signs:
  • 5 cross bite (laterogeniya)
    • 5.1 Signs:

develops this form of relations with rickets jaw, difficulty in nasal breathing to mouth breathing habit and, at the wrong swallowing with the laying tongue between his teeth and lips.Influence and bad habits (thumb sucking, tongue, subjects), early loss of the front teeth.Can form a bite at the underdevelopment of the upper jaw and the constriction of the upper dentition.

open bite treatment primary teeth is to remove the bad habits of the child, the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx.When short frenulum of the upper lip are assigned special exercises for her stretching, massage, miogimnastiku for the circular muscles of the mouth.Child properly trained, if necessary, to swallow.In young children use removable vestibular and extending plate, which can be a focus for the language or have occlusal overlays on lateral teeth.In permanent occlusion when teeth replaced, you can use braces.

characterized by impaired by closing dentition with the nomination of the lower teeth, or all of the lower jaw relative to the upper.The causes are hereditary features of the structure of the jaws, rickets, short bridle of tongue, enlarged tonsils, bad habits, sleeping with his head down or frequent podkladyvanie hand under his chin, the familiar extension of the lower jaw forward, mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing and others.

Treatment "milk"mesial bite in children is aimed at normalization of the jaws, eliminating bad habits, to establish the functions of swallowing, chewing and speech.Recommended finger massage the gums and bone in the anterior maxilla.Parents can hold daily medical gymnastic exercises to train the muscles in the form of a game.Babes 3-5 years made vestibular plates, activators and regulators functions.In the treatment of adolescents prefer a combination of fixed and removable devices.


characterized by "offset" lower teeth or lower jaw, or back strongly noticeable protruding upper teeth.Develops as a hereditary anatomical feature of the structure and the size of the jaw, as well as a result of the shortened frenulum of tongue, impaired growth and development of the jaws, the correct position of the child at the time of feeding, early loss of deciduous teeth side.Big influence bad habits, mouth breathing, easing the child's body as a result of chronic diseases, incorrect posture.

treatment in children with baby teeth involves struggle with bad habits, oral hygiene and restoration of damaged posterior teeth, muscle training, putting forward the lower jaw.With the loss of individual teeth they made dentures.Also shown are the vestibular plate with various additional components, activators, regulators functions.If you need to change the bite removed part of the permanent teeth.At a constant occlusion as removable devices and braces.When not enough space in the dentition removed most of the first or second premolars (4th or 5th teeth).


In this form of the upper front teeth completely cover the bottom, sometimes resting and damaging the gums.The reasons may be the development of rickets, children's diseases, early loss of posterior teeth, the anatomical features of the structure of the jaws and teeth size.If the lower incisors are blocked by not more than 1/2 of the crown, by changing the primary teeth to permanent occlusion may occur autoregulation.

Treatment of deep bite depends on the extent of violations of the contact teeth and is considered to be the most effective at the beginning of their shifts.Babies with milk bite conducted dental health and the replacement of lost posterior teeth dentures.Recommended daily intake of solid food (raw vegetables, fruits), which stimulates the growth and development of the jaws, therapeutic exercises for the muscles.The older the child, the more difficult the treatment of deep bite.With a lack of space made vestibular plate on the upper jaw with a bite block area, sides of seeking to divide the tooth rows.In severe forms of the anomaly may conduct surgical operations on the jaw bones, removing individual permanent teeth.


characterized by closing the wrong dentition, which is determined at their crossing.It occurs in 26% of all cases of malocclusion and is one of the most difficult to treat forms.There are bilateral and unilateral violation clamping dentition.Develops a bite at a congenital disease, rickets, the correct position of the child during sleep (podkladyvanie fist hand under his cheek), bad habits (Propping hand chin, thumb-sucking, tongue, cheeks).Cross-bite can be formed as a result of atypical location tooth germs, abuse sequence teething and uneven development of jaws, the early destruction of the posterior teeth, mouth breathing and swallowing the wrong type.Big influence violation of tone of the masticatory muscles, disease of the temporomandibular joint, the inflammation of the jaw bones or injuries.

treatment of this form of malocclusion should begin as soon as possible.Incorrect position of the mandible has a great influence on the emerging children facial skeleton.It is necessary to eliminate bad habits, to control the position of the child during sleep in a sitting position, to watch his posture.If the child moves in the direction of the jaw due to damaged teeth, replace their dentures at night is recommended to wear special splints.If necessary, a diagnosis of chronic diseases of the temporomandibular joint (X-ray).Parents are advised to engage in therapeutic exercises with the baby for strengthening of masticatory and facial muscles.One of the principles of cross-bite treatment - normalization width of the upper and lower dentition by single or double their expansion or contraction.For this purpose, extend the plate with occlusive pads, activators, regulators functions.In the case of lack of space in the dentition of the permanent teeth are removed.In permanent occlusion treatment is carried out with the help of braces.If the malocclusion and the configuration of the face is too strong, you need to decide on surgical treatment.

Malocclusion in children should be engaged specialist, and the sooner parents noticed violations of clamping teeth, the easier it will take care.Eliminate the anomaly can be at any age, but using different methods.If the alignment of the individual milk teeth are sometimes enough gum massage, exercises to strengthen the muscles of chewing and eliminating bad habits in adolescence this is not enough.Generally, treatment malocclusions permanent teeth carried by fixed structures, including braces.

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