Diet cystitis

When faced with cystitis many patients by qualified doctors or self begin to be treated all kinds of drugs and / or specially selected herbal.They just do not know what happened trouble can still help some changes and the usual supply.


  • 1 Opportunities diet
  • 2 Reducing intoxication
  • 3 antibacterial effect
  • 4 Preventing unnecessary irritation of the bladder
  • 5 Prevention of stone formation
  • 6 potentiation of antibacterial drugs

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cystitis (chronic or acute) is called the inflammatory process, which has developed in the lining of the bladder, accompanied by disorder of his functions.

In the role of the immediate causes of its origin can act as infectious (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Enterobacter, Trichomonas, viruses, parasites, etc.), And non-infectious factors (deficiency of some hormones in women with menopause, spicy and acidic foods, overreliancemeans of intimate care, neglect of hygiene, and others.).

course, adequate treatment, primarily aimed at addressing the causes unpleasant illness.Therefore, patients recommend serious antibacterial, antiparasitic, or hormonal.But their effectiveness can be enhanced by proper diet.And this is not only its beneficial effects.

Careful clinical nutrition capable of:

Now a closer look at each of these effects diet.

intoxication syndrome, which can manifest itself rise in temperature, muscle aches, malaise, nausea or headache, cystitis is rare.It usually indicates the severity of the inflammatory process.In such cases, experienced nutritionists and urologists recommend:

To stop an active bacterial growth (bacteriostatic effect) patients are advised to drink beverages from berries, which are rich in benzoic acid and hippuric.These wonderful natural medicines are lingonberries and cranberries.

Any irritation of inflamed mucosa cystitis leads to increased dizuricheskih disorders (urinary incontinence, sudden irresistible urge to urinate, frequent and / or painful urination, and others.).Therefore it is necessary to eliminate from the diet of all food and products that are potential irritants.They are:

before changing the diet of the patient need to perform urine tests.Diet can have a positive effect if a few urinalysis (consecutive) during the month is an excess of the same salts: urates, oxalates and phosphates.When compiling you must certainly take into account the environment (pH) of urine, because urine is acidic predispose to precipitation of urate, oxalate crystal formation favors the neutral and alkaline environment favors the formation of phosphate salts.

Thereafter, patients are advised to:

In addition, regardless of the nature of salts recommend to patients:

activity of certain medicines varies by changing the pH of urine.Thus, the urine is alkaline (pH greater than 7 it) increases the antibacterial effect of sulfonamides (Biseptolum et al.), Lincomycin and aminoglycosides (gentamicin and others.).If the medium is less than 5 units of urine, then it is perfectly working nitroksolin, tetracyclines, nitrofurans (furadonin et al.), Norfloxacin, ampicillin.Therefore, by adding or, on the contrary, except for certain products features (see above), you can enhance the effect of the power of anti-microbial treatment.

course, a diet will not cure cystitis.But it is an essential component of comprehensive treatment of the unpleasant disease.

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