Coating the denture - what is it?

Dentures are made to restore the integrity of the entire series in the absence of a particular group or all of the teeth, they can be removed or be designed for continuous wear.Tooth loss causes severe morphological and functional disorders of the maxillofacial system of the person.Changing the position of the mandible, reduced lower third of the face, changing appearance, impaired speech, chewing, swallowing.Appearance becomes a "senile": deepening nasolabial folds and chin, protruding lower jaw, a configuration change faces.


  • 1 Elements coating prosthetic
    • 1.1 Any denture has the following parts:
    • 1.2 Types of retaining elements:
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  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages of the prosthesis coating
    • 3.1 advantages of coating the prosthesis:
    • 3.2 coating prosthesis Disadvantages:
  • 4 Types of coating prostheses

All these changes greatly impair the quality of human life.In the absence of timely prosthesis may develop atrophy of the jaw bones of inactivity: t. To. No

chewing load on the alveolar bone, there is a decline in its thinning, a reduction in volume.Prosthetics in the future under such conditions is much more complicated.Many patients are afraid of dentures, preferring not to wear any at all, and make a mistake.In modern dentistry, there are many solutions to the problem of missing teeth, you only see a specialist for help.

In the late 70-ies of XX century proposed design is an alternative to full dentures, - over-denture, or coating the prosthesis (overlapping).

Coating prosthesis is different from the conventional full denture so that it covers the remaining dice roots or implants implanted in advance, using them as additional support.Dentures are fixed with the help of locking fasteners (atachmenov), consisting of 2 parts: the first is at the root of the tooth remaining, the second - in the base of the removable denture.

Ceiling prosthesis is a kind of alternative to the complete dentures, t. To. Provides for the preservation of the remaining teeth roots.With their help, the prosthesis is fixed stronger and stronger.If the roots do not have the patient can use the implanted artificial bone implants.

distinguished group of overlapping prostheses:

Choice of the patient is always there.Of course, the cost of the prosthesis depends on many factors including the conditions in the oral cavity, the presence of teeth or roots necessity of implanting implants, prosthesis structure itself, for a material selected and the patient's budget.With the loss of all teeth Modern dentistry allows us to produce non-removable structure, restoring dentition and meeting all the aesthetic requirements, thereby significantly improving the quality of life of patients.

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