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How to treat a sprain

sprain is called a partial tear or complete rupture of ligaments as a result of a traumatic impact on the ligaments of the joint.Damage may cover one or more ligaments.Bundles of man - a dense cluster of connective tissue that strengthen joints.With sharp movements in the joints, ligaments stretching more than it allows normal elasticity, there are injuries.The most common injured ankle and elbow, much less - the knee.In this article we will talk about, how to treat a sprain (including traditional methods) and why this happens.


  • 1 main signs sprains
    • 1.1 1 degree sprain
    • 1.2 grade 2 sprain
    • 1.3 Grade 3 sprain
  • 2 Preventing sprains
  • 3 Principles of treatment of sprains

ligamentous apparatus has a plurality of nerve fibers and blood vessels, so immediately after the occurrence of the injury appear painful.There are other symptoms of sprains and ligament injuries.

There are several degrees of trauma ligaments, which is determined by the severity of the damage, and in

the particular case.The most common symptom of a sprain is a pain in the joint damage that occurs immediately after the injury.Sometimes a person can continue to move forward, thereby further injuring the ligaments.After some time at the site of injury occurs swelling and bruising.The pain is growing and there is severe restriction of movement in the affected joint.Complete ligament rupture, on the contrary, may manifest increased mobility.

Mild traumatic tendon fibers are partially torn.Slight pain practically limited mobility.Swelling and if there is, it is weak.Recommended gentle treatment in the affected joint and a temporary peace.

second severity of damage is characterized by a moderate stretching and rupture of fiber bundles.Sometimes damage the capsule.There is severe pain, severe swelling appears at the site of tissue injury, bleeding (bruising), localized under the skin of the injured place.Movement in the joints of patients dramatically painful, sometimes there is a pathological mobility.

characterized by a complete rupture of the tendon.The victim says pronounced edema and hyperemia in the affected joint.Bruising extensive, there is instability of the joint (the appearance of pathological motility).In conducting stress tests no resistance.Typically, such damage to the ligaments need surgery, during which the orthopedic surgeon sews the torn ligament.The recovery period after such a severe injury may take about 6 months.

Often sprains lead to the formation of small nodules at the site of strain or complete rupture of the fibers.These nodules further rub against the surrounding tissue and can provoke the development of chronic inflammation in the joint, the emergence of permanent, aching pain in the ligaments.

When you break the nerves, occur frequently in the partial or complete rupture of ligaments, a feeling of tingling in the joints and constant pain.In addition, because of the severe pain can happen spasm of blood vessels, poor circulation in the tissues and the appearance of degenerative phenomena in them.

Many patients received a sprain, in no hurry to go to the doctor, what to do is extremely undesirable.Better to be safe and examined by the surgeon to eliminate the existence of serious injury joints and tendons, which may call into question your motor activity in the future.

But there are symptoms, found himself that should seek immediate medical attention:

Sprains can occur in any person for non-compliance caution during exercise and outdoor activities.If you plan to work out, do it in an appropriate footwear and clothing.Carefully walk in high heel shoes, avoid thus pits and bumps, watch your step when going somewhere.

Try to deal with excess weight, because obesity has any degree of excessive stress on the joints.Keep an active lifestyle, playing sports, fully fed.Moderate exercise strengthens the ligaments.

When trauma to the joint, and treatment in hospital is necessary to provide first aid to the victim.

No way in the first hours after the injury do not take a hot bath, do not do massage and rubbing the damaged area, otherwise it will strengthen the development of edema and inflammation.

When a severe pain in the joints crunch immediately call a doctor.It is necessary to remove the pain analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs.Topically applied ointment (ibuprofen, diclofenac) that remove pronounced swelling and pain.Appointed physiotherapy.

a complete break ligaments need surgery.

Additional treatment sprain traditional methods

It should take into account the fact that traditional methods can be applied only after surgical examination.The doctor should assess the situation and appropriate treatment.Traditional recipes are an excellent complement to traditional medical methods, but does not replace them completely.

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