Thyroid disease in men: symptoms, treatment and prevention

If we talk about diseases of the thyroid gland in men - symptoms, treatment and prevention are very similar with the same pathology in women, but still there are some peculiarities.Tell us about them in this article.


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  • 4 Hypothyroidism
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  • 5 Hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism)
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  • 7 Tumors, cysts and thyroid cancer
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Along with the islets of the pancreas, adrenal glands and the hypothalamus, thyroid refers to the organs of the endocrine system.It produces special iodine-containing hormones that are essential for our body.

The thyroid gland is located in front of the trachea has two lobes, connected by a neck

of land, the total amount of which men should not exceed 25 ml.Inside the thyroid gland is divided into segments, the follicles which produce thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

effects of thyroid hormone are varied and plentiful, and the work can be compared to cancer the leading violin in orchestral works: it is involved in the regulation of metabolism, the development of intelligence, the normalization of the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system, thermoregulation, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Thyroid disease in men: symptoms, treatment and prevention Among men, there are the following diseases of the thyroid gland:

for screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland need to visit an endocrinologist.He said the complaint will examine the thyroid, appoint an additional examination, which, depending on the situation, may include, in addition to the classic general clinical tests, the study of hormone levels, ultrasound, scintigraphy and so on. D.

Endemic goiter - a sprawl, increase in sizethyroid tissue due to deficiency of iodine that enters the body with food and water.

main symptom of endemic goiter - an enlarged thyroid gland in the volume (for men it is more than 25 ml).

On palpation iron painless, smooth consistency, elastic.However, in some cases, can be detected nodes.

If a strong increase of the thyroid gland, the following symptoms:

With a slight increase in thyroid iodine prescribe drugs, correct diet.If the crop has reached enormous proportions, it is resorting to surgery.

Thyroid disease in men: symptoms, treatment and prevention adult men need about 100-200 micrograms of iodine during the day.To ensure this, the amount you need to eat foods rich in iodine, such as:

If you can not use these products regularly, you can periodically take courses designated endocrinologist medicinal iodine-containing preparations, for example, jodomarin.

Hypothyroidism - a special condition that develops as a result of a lack of thyroid hormone.It may occur when cancer cells defeat autoimmune inflammation (chronic autoimmune thyroiditis), the destruction of the gland tissue tuberculous or syphilitic process in the case of reducing the sensitivity of body cells to the thyroid-stimulating hormone, after removal of the thyroid cancer or thyrotoxicosis.

common symptoms for women and men:

Men and a decrease in erectile function.

Thyroid disease in men: symptoms, treatment and prevention

in lifelong intended endocrinologist held replacement thyroid hormone therapy.

Specific prevention of the disease does not currently exist.To prevent crises hypothyroid need regular treatment and check-ups at the endocrinologist in order to control the level of thyroid hormones and correction doses of drugs.

Hyperthyroidism - is excessive influence of thyroid hormones in the body.

General for Women and Men:

In men, there is a decrease in libido and potency, thicken the front of the leg, as well as the backs of the feet.Against the background of hyperthyroidism often have heart attacks, develop osteoporosis and brittle bones.

In general, hyperthyroidism is more severe in men than in women.However, they are for a long time do not seek medical help, hoping that somehow by itself is formed.

thyrotoxicosis treated:

Medication provides continuous monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment by an endocrinologist.The most common complication of using radioactive iodine or surgery - the development of hypothyroidism, which requires lifelong replacement therapy.

Thyroid disease in men: symptoms, treatment and prevention After treatment as prevention of recurrence of hyperthyroidism men, doctors recommend:

necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, regular checkups at the endocrinologist, give up bad habits.

Most experts believe a genetic disease, but develops in those cases where there was a failure of the immune system.

mainly manifested by progressive signs of hypothyroidism.

Treatment is aimed at the suppression of autoimmune reactions (immunnosupressivnaya therapy), reduce inflammation, as well as the correction of hypothyroidism by assigning appropriate replacement therapy drugs.

purpose of prevention of autoimmune thyroiditis is aimed at preventing the formation of cysts, nodes in the thyroid gland.You must be inspected regularly by an endocrinologist, control function and thyroid hormone levels, eliminate signs of autoimmune inflammation.

Thyroid disease in men: symptoms, treatment and prevention Men cancers in the early stages usually occur completely asymptomatic.
necessary to address to the endocrinologist, if there was any apparent asymmetry (eg, the right iron began to stand out more than the left side of the neck).And the doctor will examine the iron at the reception in more detail prescribe ultrasound, as well as some other types of surveys.

small size benign tumors, cysts are subject to monitoring.Thyroid cancer is treated by an oncologist with the use of surgical treatment, as well as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Somewhat avoid thyroid cancer will help preventing iodine deficit because in the case of iron will not actively capture its radioactive isotopes.
Regular inspection at the endocrinologist, ultrasonography control units and other entities in the thyroid gland to help quickly identify the beginning of an aggressive tumor growth and take appropriate action.

Thyroid disorders are less common in men than in the beautiful half of humanity, however, occur in much the same way as in women, with the exception of hyperthyroidism, which carry heavier men.The main cause of severe cases of thyroid disease among the male population is that they are rarely at the initial stage of the disease to seek the help of a specialist.

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