Raynaud's disease - symptoms, treatment

Raynaud's disease - a disease caused by the defeat of the autonomic nervous system, which is manifested by pain and trophic disorders, mainly localized in the fingers.Today, the causes of Raynaud's disease are not well understood, but it is proven that women suffer from this disease is 5 times more often than men.Factors contributing to the development of the disease, is a genetic predisposition and a constitutional deficit limit vasomotor innervation of blood vessels.

Do not confuse disease and Raynaud's syndrome.In the latter case, the symptoms of the disease appear, as a result of other pathology (vibration disease, dientsefalit, rheumatism, scleroderma, etc.), And may disappear on their own when it is healing.

In the course of the disease distinguish three main stages:

Sometimes, some patients on different fingers may experience different stages of Raynaud's disease.It should be noted that the disease may affect not only the fingers but also the legs.

treatment of Raynaud's disease is usuall

y long, and includes a range of measures.The first step is to identify and eliminate the factors that lead to the onset of the attack.Patients should be balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals.It is also recommended respect for the work and rest, and sometimes a change of residence or work.

Drug therapy is aimed at the removal of pain, improvement of tissue nutrition, prevention of ischemic attacks in the terminal phalanges, and if necessary - treatment of septic complications.

Because of drugs in the treatment of diseases, the following group of drugs:

increases the effectiveness of treatment the use of acupuncture and physiotherapy.Patients with Raynaud's disease shows the following types of physical therapy:

Drug treatment of the disease should appoint a doctor, because the drugs used in treatment regimens, have a direct effect on other organs and body systems.Conservative treatment of Raynaud's disease can last for several years, as long as it does not lose its effectiveness.After that, to alleviate the condition of patients, doctors have to resort to surgical methods of treatment.

patients underwent sympathectomy surgery, the essence of which is the removal of the nerve fibers that cause spasm of the arteries, causing bouts of illness.The operation can be performed endoscopically, thus reducing the risk of complications and reduce the period of rehabilitation after surgery.

Recently, it was reported the development of a fundamentally new method for the treatment of Raynaud's disease using stem cells.Developers method argue that in most cases the stem cell therapy allows you to completely halt the progression of the disease or alleviate a lot for it.

Chill fingers - one of the symptoms of Raynaud's disease, this is the transfer of Elena Malysheva "Life is great!»:

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