How to treat a varicocele

Varicocele - varicose veins of small, located above the testicles and rises along the spermatic cord.Varicocele usually asymptomatic, but in some cases causes discomfort.It is believed that varicocele is one of the causes of infertility, but in fact, many men with this disease can have children.


  • 1 Who gets varicocele?
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 What causes a varicocele?
  • 4 diagnosis of varicocele
  • 5 How and when to treat a varicocele?
    • 5.1 The main types of treatment:
    • 5.2 Additional treatments:
  • 6 possible risks and complications of treatment
    • 6.1 Against the background of anesthetics:
    • 6.2 During the operation:
    • 6.3 Postoperatively:

varicocele - quite a common disease, it can be found in 1 in 7 men aged 15 to 25. Half of the affected vein on the left side, 40-45% of varices marked on both sides.

patients with varicocele usually do not complain, t. To. Do not feel any symptoms.

small number of men say some discomfort in the scrotum at the end of the day, especi

ally if they had to be on your feet or do heavy physical work.

Visually disease develops advanced and tortuous veins of the scrotum.

main cause of the disease - the lack of functioning of the valve apparatus veins.Normally, the valve is opened, it passes a portion of the blood and locked, preventing reverse current.If the valves do not work well, the blood begins to accumulate in the veins, causing their expansion.

Another common cause - a block (clot or tumor compression) a large vein in the abdomen (eg, thrombosis of the inferior vena cava, or one of the renal veins).

worth noting that varicocele often develops in young men and is not related to the presence of other serious illnesses.

gold standard in diagnosis is considered examination urologist.The doctor examines the patient and exposes stage varicocele (from subclinical manifestations to the third stage).

additional methods of examination is ultrasound, which will identify at what amazed over the vein.

Basically varicocele treatment is needed in cases when a patient observes a constant discomfort.If varicocele formed a boy or teenager, treatment is carried out regardless of complaints, t. To. There is a risk of inadequate egg because of its compression of varicose veins.

Other prerequisites for the treatment of varicocele include:

Both methods have been successfully used for many years by urologists, but the most optimistic statistics has vein ligation.After this procedure, the risk of relapse is significantly lower than after embolization.

Despite the good and fast results of treatment, some men can be reconfigured varicocele.This is due to the fact that the load from the "disconnected" veins falls to others, their overload valve unit and provokes varicose veins.Treatment of recurrence is exactly the same: ligation or embolization.

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