How to treat balanoposthitis

Balanoposthitis - a disease characterized by inflammation of the glans penis and the inner layer of the foreskin.It may occur at any age, including babies.Requires timely treatment, t. To. Can lead to several complications.


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primary cause of balanoposthitis in childhood is narrowingforeskin, which may occur before the age of 5 years and above (for example, physiological phimosis).In this case, the inner layer of the foreskin tightly adherent to the skin of the glans penis.Subsequently, between them begin to form cavities that are filled with exfoliated epithelium.After some time, these cavities begin to open to the outside, so any urine infection can freely get there.

If the cleaning process of these cavities, pockets broken, something horrible

infection leads to inflammation.

In this case, the leading cause of balanoposthitis are all kinds of infections, sexually transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse: yeast Candida, Trichomonas, Treponema, herpes and gonokokk - not a complete list of pathogens that can cause balanoposthitis.

simple.It is characterized by a sense of discomfort in the head of the penis, mild symptoms or lung inflammation.

Erosive.In this case, there are erosion, causing pain during intercourse or urination.

Gangrenous.This is a severe form of balanoposthitis in which disturbed general condition: there are fever, general weakness, fatigue.Changes in the skin of the glans penis more significant: deep ulcers, pus, areas of necrosis of surface layers of the glans and foreskin.Soreness and swelling of the penis in this case are more pronounced than in the simple and erosive balanoposthitis.

induratum.In this case, there is a gradual shrinkage of the glans and foreskin.

Ulceroglandular hypertrophic when there are painful, almost no healing ulcers.

The first step is to visit a urologist or andrologist.Self-medication and self-diagnosis in this case is quite dangerous because it can lead to various complications that can lead to even amputation of the penis.

doctor will help to establish the specific cause of balanoposthitis and give recommendations for its elimination, as well as prescribe anti-inflammatory treatment.

If the cause of the allergy is banlanopostita (for example, a certain type of tissue or detergent), make sure you will be assigned a local allergy medications or common action.

most commonly used treatment balanoposthitis:

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