Symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome

Raynaud's syndrome - this particular disorder, which is based on a spasm of the capillaries in the skin of fingers, nose, ears, chin or tongue.Can manifest itself as an independent Raynaud's disease, and as a secondary syndrome in different diseases.It is believed that women are exposed to this illness to a greater extent than men.


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first clinical picture characteristic of Raynaud's syndrome was described in 1862 by a Frenchman named Maurice Raynaud, and Raynaud's phenomenon.
Subsequently, this phenomenon is divided into 2 types: self-titled Raynaud's disease and syndrome.The difference between them is that the symptoms of Raynaud's phenomenon as an independent disease manifested by an independent manner, while the seco

ndary part of the syndrome is a clinical picture of other diseases.

angiospastic stage.There is a spasm of the capillaries of the terminal phalanges of fingers (usually 2-3 th), feet (1-3 fingers), sometimes the tip of the nose, chin and earlobes.Next spasm replaced by dilation of blood vessels, the skin reddens and becomes warmer.
As a rule, there is a symmetrical loss of both limbs.During the attack, lasting from 20 minutes to several hours, patients note a sharp sense of numbness, numbness of fingers, tingling, and after the attack - pain and the sensation of heat.
Over time, the affected area is increased, and the process involved all the fingers except the first (big).

In the early stages the symptoms of Raynaud's can be almost invisible and appear only increased chilliness hands, tingling and other symptoms, which are very easy to carry to the usual increased sensitivity to cold.

Next, you must determine the cause of the appearance of Raynaud's phenomenon and seeking treatment.To do this, you must visit a doctor and undergo appropriate examination.
to occurrence of Raynaud's syndrome most often cited:

doctor will help identify the most likely cause of Raynaud's syndrome in each case.

syndrome diagnosis is set based on the leading reference signs:

Among instrumental examination most commonly prescribed:

For the treatment of Raynaud's syndrome used conservative and operative methods.The main factors of successful treatment - the complexity and duration of therapy.

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