How to collect urine for tests

urine collection technique differs significantly depending on the type of lab tests.And how right you are ready to collect and analyze how to collect urine, will largely depend on the result of research.In this article you will learn how to collect a urine sample, and then the laboratory diagnosis is correct.


  • 1 Forms urine
  • 2 Urinalysis
  • 3 Trial nechyporenko
  • 4 Trial Amburzhe
  • 5 Trial Addis Kakovskogo
  • 6 Trial Zimnitsky
  • 7 Bacteriological analysis of urine
  • 8 biochemical analysis of urine
  • 9 Dvuhstakannaya and trehstakannaya sample
  • 10 Features urine collection in children

With any disease, andsimply by passing examinations and preventive medical examination, are appointed by any urine tests, as a minimum, a general analysis.And in some cases (kidney and urinary tract diseases, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.) may additionally be carried out following studies and samples:

in specialized hospitals and conducted some other studies (sample Rehberg, stress t

ests, prednisolone test and so on. d.), but these we will not stop here, as a special preparation for such research is carried out under the supervision of medical staff.

Each of the tests required has its own characteristics that must be considered in the preparation of How to collect urine for tests to collect directly in the collection of urine.Unfortunately, doctors do not always provide patients with relevant information on the art of collecting.Then come out of the lab results are not true, the disease can not be seen on time or incorrectly diagnosed, doctors have to appoint repeated or additional tests and studies.Ultimately, the diagnosis is delayed, treatment is given with a delay or, on the contrary, are appointed by the unnecessary drugs in a false diagnosis, save time and money.

certain difficulties is the collection of urine in young children, who do not control (or not always in full control of) the process of urination.But they have the majority of tests can be done right the first time, if the parents will know how to prepare your child, container for urine, when it is better to collect material for research and other aspects.

Toddlers 2-3 years Zimnitsky sample is rare, since before the arbitrary urination managed to collect absolutely all daily urine is not possible, and the result of the sample will be unreliable.

During the overall analysis, and the more samples Nechiporenko, it is better if you are able to collect the urine immediately in a specially prepared container, and will pour it out of the pot or urinal.

fact that the collection analysis in the bag or pot in the urine even healthy children (especially girls) may be detected by the "extra" cells (leukocytes, epithelium), bacteria and who have not been of the kidneys and urinary tract and of externalgenitals.

To assemble analysis directly in the container, you can use the following techniques:

If you can not collect urine above listed methods, you can use the urinal (special sterile bag with Velcro, which is fixed around the genitals of the child), and the older kids - pot.

But the doctor to refer you for analysis, should be warned that you have collected all urine rather than midstream and collects in the bag (pot).In this case, small deviations from the norm can be interpreted as a doctor in the collection error analysis.

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